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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

On battling anxiety with Phylicia Masonheimer – Hf #328

Anxiety is no stranger to both Phylicia and myself. In this episode, my guest Phylicia Masonheimer, is going to share her journey with battling anxiety from a Biblical and practical stand point. It’s a very encouraging chat. Let’s dive in! Listen to the Podcast: And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Right click… Read More

How to make cultured butter (in just 5 minutes)!

In our house, I was getting 3 gallons of raw milk a week. And one of my favorite things to do with that milk, was to make healthy, nutritious, and delicious cultured butter. How do we make butter even better? By adding probiotics to it! You can make this with pasteurized heavy whipping cream as well…. Read More

How to make homemade yogurt (two ways)!

I started making homemade yogurt a few years ago and it’s so easy! I was getting frustrated trying to find whole fat organic yogurt with live probiotics and NO sugar added…that didn’t break the bank. So I started making it myself and it’s so easy! There are a lot of different ways to make yogurt. Here’s… Read More

Our monthly grocery shopping from Azure Standard: April 2021

I’ve been a huge fan of ordering from Azure standard for years. Our last couple of years in our house, I was ordering up to 50% of our grocery budget each month at Azure and could have done more. Now that we are traveling full time around the U.S., I haven’t been doing Azure orders… Read More

Hard Doesn’t (Necessarily) Mean Bad – Hf #327

In our culture, we run from hard things. We tend to think that hard = bad or wrong. But today I’m going to give you some encouragement that hard doesn’t necessarily mean bad. In fact, God often does His biggest work in Hard. Listen in! Listen to the Podcast: And don’t forget to subscribe to the… Read More

When plans don’t go your way – Hf #326

We hear all the time that “you are enough” or “just believe in yourself.” But what happens when you are NOT enough? When you can’t just make it happen or work it all out? We run headlong into trouble in our life when we start relying on OUR strength instead of in God’s strength. That’s… Read More

Real Life Mentoring + Resources – Hf #325

Mentoring is such an important topic in the Church today, but it’s to still feel left wondering what it looks like. In today’s episode we are going to discuss some different ways that mentoring can look in real life and a call to the importance of the local Church! Plus I’ll share more resources for… Read More

Hf #324: My Quarter 1 Reading Reviews & Updates

My reading time has fluxuated greatly in the past year. And after only hitting 50% of my reading goal in 2020, I knew I wanted to really dive back into better reading habits this year. And so far, I’m smashing my reading goals and have formed some new habits. In this episode, I’m going to… Read More

Hf #323: Cultivating a Serving Heart

In this episode we are going to be discussing what it means to serve others with a heart of humility. We will focus on laying aside pride and putting on humility…in all areas of our lives! Listen in: Listen to the Podcast: And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Right click here and… Read More