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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

The Call to a Productive Household – S 2, Ep 1

Welcome back to season #2 of the podcast. We are back with a practical and exciting new series on the podcast all about The Productive Household. Listen in to hear how we can recapture joy and meaning within our homes. Listen to the Podcast: You can find all the links and notes for this episode… Read More

Healthy Living: Glorifying to God or Making an Idol? – #46

We got such a great question in our Finding Joy Community this week. The discussion that ensued was so rich that I figured it was a great one to share here on the podcast. We dive into some hot topics within healthy living: taking care of our families for God’s Glory, making an idol out… Read More

Tips for keeping your marriage FUN + growing! – Episode #45

Welcome back to the next episode in our practical homemaking series. We haven’t had an episode on marriage in a while, so today is a fun one (and maybe a much needed discussion)! We are chatting about how to keep (or reestablish) fun in your marriage. I’m also sharing a couple of fun announcements. Listen… Read More

Jami’s Top Moving Tips for Families – Episode #44

We are not expert movers yet, but we have had our fair share of moving, downsizing, deciding what to keep, and unpacking into new homes. Today I am going to share my 6 tips for moving! Listen in: Listen to the Podcast: You can find all the links and notes for this episode below! Right… Read More

A Practical Homemaking Q&A with Jami – Episode #43

We are diving head long into our new mini series here on the podcast: A Practical Homemaking Deep Dive! We’ve got some fun & practical episodes coming up to help all of us in the practical parts of running and managing a home, but of course, all for God’s Glory! We are going to dive… Read More