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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Healthy Living: Glorifying to God or Making an Idol? – #46

We got such a great question in our Finding Joy Community this week. The discussion that ensued was so rich that I figured it was a great one to share here on the podcast. We dive into some hot topics within healthy living: taking care of our families for God’s Glory, making an idol out… Read More

Tips for keeping your marriage FUN + growing! – Episode #45

Welcome back to the next episode in our practical homemaking series. We haven’t had an episode on marriage in a while, so today is a fun one (and maybe a much needed discussion)! We are chatting about how to keep (or reestablish) fun in your marriage. I’m also sharing a couple of fun announcements. Listen… Read More

Jami’s Top Moving Tips for Families – Episode #44

We are not expert movers yet, but we have had our fair share of moving, downsizing, deciding what to keep, and unpacking into new homes. Today I am going to share my 6 tips for moving! Listen in: Listen to the Podcast: You can find all the links and notes for this episode below! Right… Read More

A Practical Homemaking Q&A with Jami – Episode #43

We are diving head long into our new mini series here on the podcast: A Practical Homemaking Deep Dive! We’ve got some fun & practical episodes coming up to help all of us in the practical parts of running and managing a home, but of course, all for God’s Glory! We are going to dive… Read More