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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Jami’s Tips for Cooking with Kids – S2, E11

Cooking with kids can be hard. It can also be so rewarding. And something I try to do more and more with my own kids. This episode is tips from a mom of 7 who is in the trenches, trying to bring her kids into the kitchen more, and the tips she has learned along… Read More

Building Family Culture During the Holidays with FOOD – S2, E10

Today we are tying our mini series, In the Kitchen, to all the upcoming holidays! How can we build a strong family culture in our homes, around food? That’s what we are diving into and Jami is going to share 7 practical ways they implement this in our home. The point isn’t to do everything… Read More

How to have more JOY and less stress this Christmas – S2, E9

We are taking a one episode break in our kitchen series, to talk about something very important: The upcoming holidays & time management. How do we juggle all the good things coming up, while making memories for our family, and doing it with joy? Listen in! Listen to the Podcast: You can find all the… Read More

Jami’s Favorite Kitchen Hacks – S2, E8

In our episode last week, we talked about what your goal(s) for your kitchen is. This is an important first step in figuring out what to work on and when! This week, we are breaking down some of those goals into baby steps and addressing some starting points and where to jump to when you… Read More

What is the goal of your kitchen? S2, E7

We are kicking off a new section in our series here in season 2 of The Productive Household. We are turning to different areas of our home. And the first we will be diving into is really thinking thoroughly about our kitchen. This new mini series will be a little bit theoretical big picture and… Read More

Adding Project Fridays to Our Weekly Schedule – S2, E6

We’ve started a new habit in our weekly schedule this year called Project Fridays and it’s change the way we get to household projects AND fun projects we want to do. This episode is for all homeschoolers especially, but really for anyone who wants to get to “extra” projects but just never finds the time… Read More

For when you lack energy- S2, E5

In this series of the new season, we are chatting about having productive households. One key component of a productive household, is stewarding our health (and our mental health) in a way that we can be productive in the season God has called us to. Today we are focusing on this topic from a very… Read More

What do you do when your home is BORING? – S2, E4

In this episode of our new series, The Productive Household, we are tackling the issues of boredom. I’m going to challenge your mindset when it comes to feelings of boredom, fulfillment, and a good days work within our homes. Let’s dive in! Listen to the Podcast: You can find all the links and notes for this episode… Read More