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Welcome to Finding Joy in Your Home

Join Jami each week as she stands firm on God’s Word as our path to bringing glory to God and finding true joy and peace in the everyday.

What is Gospel-Centered Homemaking?

Finding joy in your home….all for God’s Glory!

As a brand new wife I was eager and excited to make a home for my new husband and myself. But as I quickly discovered, I had just about ZERO homemaking skills. I hadn’t bothered to learn it when I was living at home – there seemed like too many other good things to do.

So I found myself in a one bedroom apartment as a new wife and college student, struggling to keep it clean or know how to organize it well. I didn’t know the first thing about nutrition or how to cook. And quickly – I got discouraged and a little overwhelmed. But I picked myself up, resolved to try harder.

Fast forward a few years and Jason and I decided to start a family. Little did we know that within 2 years, we would welcome four sons into our family. God blessed us with two sets of twins in two years. We now have 6 kids and while life can feel crazy, God has taught me so much about managing my home and finding joy in the everyday…all for God’s glory.

Throughout all of this, I’ve questioned so many times: What is the point of it all? What’s the point of scrubbing the toilets and washing the dishes…again. Changing the fourth diaper in a row. Is this really how I’m supposed to spend my time?

Am I truly making an impact for God’s kingdom, while I sit in my house at 2pm, still in my pajamas and I scrubbing poop out of the carpet from my 3 year old potty trainer?

Ultimately: How can I glorify God from within my home? How can I be an effective servant of Christ while dealing with cooking, cleaning, poopy diapers and more. How can I find joy within my home when I am so utterly exhausted and overwhelmed? 

And out of that, is where my ministry has been born. I have a heart and passion for connecting with other women who feel discouraged, burnt-out, and utterly overwhelmed. I want to encourage you on those long, hard, weary days and more than anything, I want to point you back to Christ.

Come along on the journey towards discovering what it means to craft a Gospel-Centered Home…all for God’s Glory while finding immense joy and contentment in the process! 


If you are wondering how to go about actually accomplishing those five tips, don't worry! I've created a FREE video-based course for you with five lessons on finding joy in your home. Discover and learn how to apply these five essential habits for Christian homemakers.

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