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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

How we can glorify God with our time – Episode 36

THIS is an important topic for me right now as I’m 11 weeks pregnant and TIRED. I’ve done a version of this talk in the past, but each time I feel like it gets better as I go through more stretching and busy times. Does any else feel like each passing year just gets faster… Read More

A family announcement + my pregnancy favs! – Episode 35

Well the title of this episode kind of gives it away! We are expecting our 7th child in September 2022 and as I’m in the throws of the first trimester, I thought I would share a little bit of the journey with you. Listen to the Podcast: You can find all the links and notes… Read More

My 12 goals for 2022 – Episode 34

I love setting goals for the new year. It usually happens for me in December, but better late than never! If you haven’t set goals for the year yet, don’t despair, let’s jump in together! Listen in to my 12 goals for 2022: Listen to the Podcast: You can find all the links and notes… Read More

Homemaking in Light of Eternity – Episode 32

We have a tradition around here. Each year when our annual online homemaking conference launches, I always share the first session for free here on the podcast. I always pour my heart and soul into that first talk and I love being able to share it with everyone here on the podcast. Well, today launches… Read More

My 2022 Theme for the Year – Episode 31

For the past several years, I’ve picked word for my year. This word kind of revolves around all of my goals for the year and helps to give me some direction. But this year, I’ve chosen a theme for my year instead of just a single word. Listen in to find out what my theme… Read More

2022 Christian Reading Challenge

It’s finally that time of year again: We are here today to announce the 2022 reading challenge and chat about this year’s reading. We will discuss our goals, making new goals, and some exciting changes to the 2022 reading challenge (it’s going to be so much fun)!! Listen in here: Listen to the Podcast: You… Read More