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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Jami’s Favorite Black Friday 2021 Deals

There are some killer Black Friday deals going on this week. And honestly, most of my favorite deals right now are NOT for toys. The sales are actually for things we need and use in our home. I’m using this week to stock up on some major things for my family. *I note when these… Read More

Preparing your heart & home for the Holidays – Episode 26

In between series here on the podcast, we are sneaking in a holiday episode. Are you READY and excited for the holidays? Or perhaps dreading the effort and the time coming up? Whether you feel excited or are dreading the upcoming holidays, we can all use a good dose of perspective for finding Joy in… Read More

So how do we study God’s Word? – Episode 23

In this episode, we are going to dive into some practical ways to be in God’s Word more. But first, we are going to discuss WHY it’s so important to be in His Word often. Let’s dive into this practical episode! Listen to the Podcast: You can find all the links and notes for this… Read More

Modeling a faithful life (Everyday Faithfulness) – Episode 22

Being faithful in everyday life can be tough. Add in a busy or exhausting season and it can sometimes feel impossible. Today’s episode is meant to give you encouragement in those busy seasons, while also directing you to getting into God’s Word more! Listen in: Listen to the Podcast: You can find all the links… Read More

Becoming a Student of God (Everyday Faithfulness) – Episode 20

Today we are kicking off a mini series on Spiritual Disciples & drawing closer to the Lord. We will dive later on to practical Bible study tips and a deeper prayer life. But today we are talking about what it means to practice everyday faithfulness. I might step on your toes a little bit in this… Read More