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Marriage & Parenting

Do you need a little help or inspiration in your marriage or in your mothering? Being married AND being a mother both present their own unique challenges and struggles. So whether you need a little marriage advice or some mothering encouragement, follow along below!

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Love & Grace within Parenting with Crystal Paine – Episode 18

Anyone else feeling like you need some encouragement in your parenting? Anyone else feeling like you are struggling with connecting with your kids or making sure you are meeting their needs? If you need some Biblical grace filled parenting encouragement, I want you to join me in this episode today with Crystal Paine from Money… Read More

TTM #70: Reigniting Friendship in your Marriage with Jolene Engle

Cultivating friendship in marriage is something that came very naturally at the beginning. But now, are you finding yourself struggling with this aspect of friendship within your marriage? Or are you just wanting to protect this part of your marriage? Listen in to Jolene share some truth on friendship in marriage. Join our New Community… Read More

Family Travel Trips from a Family of 8 – Hf #330

As we’ve embarked on full time travel this past year, we’ve learned so much! As of the day I’m recording this, we have been traveling full time for exactly 11 months. And while I feel like we are always refining the process, we’ve also gotten so much better at it! This episode is inspired by… Read More

When no one appreciates what you do – Hf #329

Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks. And while we may look forward to the day (or not), it can also be hard with expectations and a lot of emotions. Maybe you will get a hand written card. Maybe you will get a half-hearted “Happy Mother’s Day” from your teen. Maybe your husband will… Read More

Moms (and dads) get those little ones to Church – Hf #310

Church with littles in tow can be tough. Worth it, but tough. In this episode we are going to chat about the importance of being in Church as a family and some tips for making it easier. Listen to the Podcast: You can find important links & info below. And don’t forget to subscribe to the… Read More

On Dating Your Husband (Hint: laugh more!!) – Hf #309

This week we are chatting about DATING your husband. Having more fun together as a couple and how to bring the laughter (and the fun!) back into your marriage. Listen in! Listen to the Podcast: You can find important links & info below. And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Right click here… Read More

Spiritual encouragement for mamas – Hf #278

Could you use some encouragement today? Are you struggling with financial stress, family issues, welcoming a new baby into the home soon, chronic illness, or any other number of things that can make life a bit more stressful? I think most of us are struggling with at least one thing (if not many more) right… Read More

Practical ways to love your husband – Hf #265

Loving our husbands feels like something that should just come naturally. But once you’ve been married for longer than 10 minutes, you realize that loving your husband takes real, intentional work and thought. Today on the podcast we are going to be discussing some practical ways you can love your husband…for a closer marriage. Listen… Read More

The basics of family worship – Hf #243

Join Jason and I in this episode as we share our journey with family worship. Hint hint: It did NOT happen naturally and we didn’t know what it was suppose to look like. We’ve got some great resources to share in this episode.  Listen to the Podcast: Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes…. Read More

A marriage Q&A with Jason & Jami – Hf #229

I’ve got my favorite guest back on the show today! My husband Jason is cohosting with me to do a little Q&A. We are going to chat about date nights, strengths and weaknesses in marriage, what our thoughts were finding out we were having twins, our upcoming travel plans update, and more! Listen in here: … Read More