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Successfully running and managing your home for God’s glory takes skill, effort, and lots of elbow grease. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and burnt-out and like you need just a little extra help. Access all our best articles on homemaking below and start being inspired today to run and manage a Gospel-Centered home!

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How we can glorify God with our time – Episode 36

THIS is an important topic for me right now as I’m 11 weeks pregnant and TIRED. I’ve done a version of this talk in the past, but each time I feel like it gets better as I go through more stretching and busy times. Does any else feel like each passing year just gets faster… Read More

Homemaking in Light of Eternity – Episode 32

We have a tradition around here. Each year when our annual online homemaking conference launches, I always share the first session for free here on the podcast. I always pour my heart and soul into that first talk and I love being able to share it with everyone here on the podcast. Well, today launches… Read More

Preparing your heart & home for the Holidays – Episode 26

In between series here on the podcast, we are sneaking in a holiday episode. Are you READY and excited for the holidays? Or perhaps dreading the effort and the time coming up? Whether you feel excited or are dreading the upcoming holidays, we can all use a good dose of perspective for finding Joy in… Read More

When we should carry each others burdens – Episode 19

This is an encouraging episode, I promise! Something I’ve been wrestling with a lot in my own life, is how much input from social media, news, and other sources that I’m letting in. Today we are chatting about when it’s Biblically appropriate to carry each other’s burdens and when it’s okay to not. This has… Read More

TTM #74: Intentionally Investing in Yourself with Jami

I am a big advocate for investing in yourself. This can be a controversial topic for Christians. But I see investing in yourself as taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually. Today we are going to chat about WHY and HOW we need to do that. You can subscribe to the podcast… Read More

TTM #68: A Joyful, Peaceful Home with Jami

What do you want your home to exemplify? What does an ideal day look like in your home? For most of us, we are seeking joy filled, peaceful homes. So how do we accomplish that? Jami is diving into this topic today! This episode is pulled from Session #18 of the 2017 Homemaking Ministries Online… Read More

Building a Practical Evening Routine (The Key) – Episode 10

We’ve been really working on routines around here. It’s been one of those seasons where I need to tighten up our routines and habits for the whole family. In episode 9, we discussed a solid morning routine which will make your day go so much smoother. But the KEY to a solid morning routine is… Read More

Building a Solid Morning Routine – Episode 9

I have become very passionate about establishing a solid morning routine in my day because it makes such a huge difference in the work I can get done in a day but also attitudes! Tune into this episode to hear about my morning routine and how I use it to really set the tone for… Read More