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Successfully running and managing your home for God’s glory takes skill, effort, and lots of elbow grease. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and burnt-out and like you need just a little extra help. Access all our best articles on homemaking below and start being inspired today to run and manage a Gospel-Centered home!

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Just Do the Next Thing – My Homemaking Motto

Post by Anjanette Barr, Contributing Writer   I had been married for almost three years and was desperately in love with my life. My sweet little boy had a permanent place on my hip and I couldn’t wait for my husband to come home so that I could tell him about every second of fun we’d… Read More

The Madness of Multitasking

By Lauren Huss, Contributing Writer The whole family was together. Lounging around the family room enjoying each other’s company… Sort of. I surveyed the ridiculous scene. The talking heads arguing about the news of the day in high-def. Husband stretched out in the recliner, Kindle Fire in hand, scanning an e-book while awaiting his next… Read More

Hospitality through the Bible: New Testament

This post is part of my series on The Joy of Hospitality: Practicing the Biblical art of serving others! You can follow along and read all posts in the series HERE. Any discussion of Biblical hospitality, must first naturally start with the Bible. Yesterday we dove into the Old Testament to find out what it has to… Read More

Hospitality Through the Bible: Old Testament

This post is part of my series on The Joy of Hospitality: Practicing the Biblical art of serving others! You can follow along and read all posts in the series HERE. Hospitality is a very foreign concept in our modern North American society. We are exchanging deep conversations for 140 character tweets. Conversations are becoming… Read More

Being an Industrious Proverbs 31 Woman {working from home}

We can learn so many valuable lessons from the Proverbs 31 woman. She is the picture of the domestic wife working hard at home and taking care of her husband, children, and home. She is shown as a non-lazy woman who works with willing hands, she brings healthy and nutritious food for her household from… Read More

Help for the Overwhelmed Homemaker

Being a homemaker is a tough job. We daily wear 50 different hats and must work really hard to glorify God in our homemaking.  “Homemaking is not employment for slothful, unimaginative, incapable women. It has as much challenge and opportunity  success and failure, growth and expansion, perks and incentives, as any corporate career.” ~ The Christian… Read More

Managing Your Family Finances…for God’s Glory!

This week we will be focusing on what it means to be a homemaker that brings glory to God in her homemaking as part of the 5 Days of Intentionally Living series. Glorifying God in your homemaking can come in many different forms, from setting the atmosphere in your home, to taking charge of your families health, to… Read More

How to Find Peace When Worried About Finances

By Jolene Engle, Contributing Writer I think most people at one point in their lives have worried about their finances.  We’ve attended what I like to call, The School of Financial Suffering.  Of course some have been attending this school longer than others.   Certainly the one person that holds a Doctorate in this school is Job… Read More

Setting the Atmosphere of the Home – 3 Ways to Glorify God

By Justyn Lang, Contributing Writer We have all heard the saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Horrid grammar, but it’s so true. We ladies have the power to set the atmosphere in our homes. When the wife/mama is calm, cheerful and content, everybody in the house can feel it. We’re like thermostats. Sure, the… Read More