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5 Days of Glorifying God in Your Homemaking

Being a homemaker is so much for than cooking & cleaning. Being a homemaker means setting the tone and atmosphere in the home. This can either be wasteful or you can use this for God’s glory! So join me as a take a journey to discover what is means to Glorify God in our Homemaking!

For one week we will examine what this means as well as some practical tips for living out Gospel Centered Homemaking on a daily basis!

5 Days of Glorifying God in Your Homemaking

Links will be added as posts are added

{Day 1} Setting the Atmosphere in the Home….for God’s Glory

{Day 2} Taking Charge of Your Family’s Health…for God’s Glory

{Day 3} Managing your Home…for God’s Glory! {Cleaning & Organizing}

{Day 4} Managing your Family’s Finances…for God’s Glory!

{Day 5} The God-given Responsibility of Raising Our Children {This will be coming shortly}