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Hf #295: Creating morning baskets (for the whole family)!

on September 3, 2020 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

I’ve talked about morning baskets here on the podcast before, but usually when we talk about them, we are referring to reading more with your kids and/or homeschooling. But today we are going to chat about this morning basket concept and how everyone can use one.

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A morning basket is simply a basket or container of some sort that contains the books/resources to help facilitate a goal. We have 3 kinds we are going to discuss today.

Create a kids basket

This can be extremely helpful if you are homeschooling, but you can also just use it as a reading basket with your kids who do a different form of school.

For homeschool, your morning basket time is usually how you will open your homeschool day. It’s an excellent way to kick off your homeschool day and to fit in extra subjects. Here’s how we use ours (you can listen to this podcast episode for more info)

We start off singing a few hymns, read our current devotional, and/or Bible study book. Then we move into reading different kinds of books to hit other subjects. We like to always have a poetry book, you can add in Shakespeare, art study, and cycle through different topics such as history, geography, social studies, etc. People will add in flash cards and other fun stuff to this time as well. We cover a lot of these topics now in our new unit studies we do. You can read about them here.

For non-homeschoolers: You can also create a reading basket for the current books you are reading with your kids. You can use this for Saturday mornings or even each night before bed!

Create a Bible basket for yourself 

This is what I am excited about! After talking about it for a long time, I finally have my own morning basket time. It’s simple but it’s a cute little crochet basket I found on Amazon.

Right now it just contains my journaling Bible, my spiritual disciplines notebook, and the current spiritual/theological book I’m reading. I leave it right out on my desk by my computer. I see it multiple times a day and makes it more likely I’ll dive into it!

Create a hobby/fun basket 

Since we’ve done church at time so much this year, I’ve been inspired to keep a few things by me for easy reach. Now I like this idea of making a little hobby basket for my self or even for some of my kids.

Things like: Coloring books, a tin of colored pencils, crochet, etc. Hop over on instagram and share any ideas YOU have for these baskets!! ?

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