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Planning & Organizing

While the most important aspect of our home is our focus on God and pointing our family back to Him – sometimes we just need some practical help and tips on managing it ALL! So whether you need some cleaning recipes, tips on how to effectively plan, or new organizing ideas you will find what you need below.

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How to Develop a 3 Minute Morning with Kat Lee – Hf #123

I am a big believe in creating manageable routines for your family and I think they can have a huge impact! But they have to be simple, doable, AND firmly in line with God’s priorities for your life.  That’s why I am so excited to chat with today’s guest, Kat Lee! She’s sharing the secrets… Read More

TTM #45: A good morning routine and practical meal planning

A good routine and schedule first starts with a good morning routine! On the podcast today we are going to be discussing that and a simple meal plan idea.  Listen in here:  Listen to the Podcast: You can find the notes down below and listen along here!  And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in… Read More

TTM #42: Using a master calendar for better homemaking

Do you have a master calendar in your home? One central place where all dates, times, and events are scheduled on it? If you don’t use one (or you want to hear some good tips for using one), then this episode is for you!  Kayse is back for part #2 of her mini series on… Read More

TTM #39: Planning your Priorities with Kayse Pratt

Do you ever have grand plans that this month (this week, this year, etc) is when you are finally going to get organized and all together? I know I have these thoughts all the time. But actually executing that is another matter entirely.  Today’s episode kicks off a four part series on 5 simple tips… Read More

Introducing my brand new Spiritual Disciplines Notebooks!

A few years ago, I stumbled upon this idea of Traveler’s Notebooks and it has changed the way I plan in my home and my business.  When I discovered this method of planning, I just knew I had to apply this to my Spiritual Disciplines (things like prayer, Bible reading, Scripture memorization, and more).  So I… Read More

My favorite deal of the season: Free Christmas cleaning kits!

Christmas is right around the corner and I am so excited. In fact, we are decorating for Christmas tomorrow! I know, I know it’s early. But we are very busy the week after Thanksgiving. So tomorrow is the day 😉  And this is one of my very favorite deals of the entire year! Want a… Read More

God gives us the time for the things on HIS to do list – TTM #004

I read a book this weekend that has really got me thinking about making the time for God’s priorities…not my own! So today’s episode is revolving around that theme.  Listen to the Podcast: We also recorded this blog post as an audio podcast. If you want to listen in instead of reading, click play below… Read More

Goal Setting for your life and homemaking – Hf #56

The last couple of weeks we have been discussing planning a lot. We’ve covered how to pick the best planner for you this year, how to plan for a year of SUCCESS, how to pick a word for your year to help you get focused, and how to get on track with your daily disciplines… Read More

Picking the BEST planner for 2017 – YWGtv Episode 8

I am a planner girl. I lose my mind if I try to keep everything digitally. I have to have things written out with pen and paper, and keeping everything organized in a planner is the way to go for me!  If you are like me, or are wanting to give a physical planner a try,… Read More