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Dear StitchFix, I THOUGHT I Was Breaking Up With You

on September 30, 2015 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

At the beginning of this week, I thought I would be writing a post today about how I’m ditching StitchFix, never to order again. I’ve done two orders in the past and shared in an honest review a few months ago that I liked StitchFix but didn’t love it.

Since that post, I’ve had several requests from you to do another order and let you know what I think. So here goes: here’s why I’m NOT breaking up with StitchFix…for now.

StitchFix Order

3 Things I Love About StitchFix

1) It’s fun getting a surprise box

I really really love the idea of StitchFix. If you are not familiar with what StitchFix is or how it works, check out my review here. I LOVE that I get a surprise box of clothes, it’s so much fun to see that box on my doorstep and to have the fun of opening up the box of possibilities.

2) Forces me out of my comfort zone

I also love that I’m getting five pieces of clothing that I didn’t pick! I tend to be very boring with my clothing choices and end up with a closet full of blacks and browns with a little pink thrown in there. Getting a StitchFix box forces me to step outside my comfort zone a little bit and try some new clothing. Which as you will see below, worked out well for me this box!

3) I don’t have to leave my house!

With four little boys, all under 3 years old, it’s really really tough to get them all out the door, let alone to go clothing shopping. It’s hard enough to keep our house stocked with groceries. So with StitchFix I get to set up my profile, show them what I like and what I’m looking for, and then a magical little box appears on my doorstep? Yes please!! 

3 Things I Don’t Love About StitchFix

1) It’s expensive

I’ve never spent $58 on a shirt in my entire life before. I’m of the opinion that a shirt at Target for $15 is just a little to much. I’ll wait until it’s $8 on clearance. I’m a clearance, thrift store kind of gal. So I get sticker shock from the prices from StitchFix. But then again, the five items in my closet that are the absolute highest quality and will probably last the longest all have come from StitchFix. In my old age I’m beginning to learn the value that sometimes it actually is worth spending a little more on some things for higher quality. So this is kind of a pro as well as a con.

2) I don’t get to pick what comes

Wait. Didn’t I just say above that this is something I love about StitchFix? Yeah – I’m complicated like that. I love the surprise of not knowing what’s going to end up at my front door but I’m also scared that one day I will get a box and not like a single item in it (it hasn’t happened yet though thankfully). Which leads me to the next thing…

3) I’m not totally “hip” enough for StitchFix

I’m really not super trendy so some of the items are a little too “hip” for me. I don’t love a lot of the popular styles right now (is this a sign I’m starting to get old?) and StitchFix tends to be super trendy. I’ve seen other bloggers who keep their entire box every time and I think it’s because they are trendier and up with the latest fashions! I do think however that each box I get is getting better and better and more tailored to me. So I do think they are learning what I like!

My Third StitchFix Box

Gold Bar Necklace – $38

This necklace is cute – but not worth $38! I’ve not actually been overly impressed with their jewelry choices. Maybe next time I can request only clothing items? Verdict: Sent back.

StitchFix Necklace

Polka Dot Sweater – $68

Let’s just say that I love Polka Dots and I love sweaters. Plus this sweater is super soft and totally comfy. I don’t own another sweater that is so comfy!! However, this sweater is a bit “frumpy” and isn’t the most flattering sweater. In the end I ended up keeping it because I had credit to buy it with and I was SO glad because this baby is awesome!!! Verdict: Kept.

StitchFix Polka Dot Sweater

StitchFix Polka Dot Sweater2
Jason snapped this picture as I was laughing at how square the sweater can look. But I don’t care. This baby is soft!!! + Polka Dots.

Green Capri’s – $45

These were really nice quality – although the color isn’t my favorite – but they were too small. Verdict: Sent back.

StitchFix Capris

Black & White Dress – $68

This is Jason’s favorite item from this Fix. It’s really nice quality, I love how modest the top is (I don’t even have to wear a cami underneath it), and it hits right about my knees which is what I prefer in dresses and skirts. Plus, it just felt really flattering on this 2-month postpartum mama! (I added the belt). Verdict: Kept. 

StitchFix Dress

Colorful Shirt – $68

This is one of those trendy pieces I was talking about. The cut of this shirt is one that I would normally never buy, but I fell in love with the colors of this shirt. It’s so fun and totally me, even though the style of the shirt isn’t. It’s hard to tell in the photo but this is one of those somewhat boxy, flowy shirts that are so popular right now. It’s amazingly high quality and this was my favorite item from the box! I wore it to a bridal shower the first day I got it, and got several compliments. Verdict: Kept. 

StitchFix Shirt

So, Will I Order Again?

Yes! I wasn’t so sure about StitchFix after my first order, but it’s gotten better and better! It was really fun to get a few new items of clothing since I’m just getting out of my maternity clothes and I’m ready for some fun new clothes.

You can sign up to get your first StitchFix Here

Referral Program:I actually got all three of these items with credit that’s been building up all year with their referral program. It’s actually pretty fun. Any time you have friends or family sign up for their first Stitch Fix box through your link, you will get a $25 credit to use on your next box!! $25 adds up quickly – and even though I’ve only had a handful of referrals – I was able to get three amazing pieces of clothing for FREE! 

To be perfectly open and honest, the links in this post are my referral links (which doesn’t add ANY cost to you as the customer). I used them because I might as well, but I honestly just wanted to share my experience with Stitch Fix – regardless of getting a referral credit or not because I have had SO many readers ask me about my experience with Stitch Fix. 

Have YOU ever tried StitchFix? What do you think?

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