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Focusing on CHRIST this Christmas – Introducing our new kit!!

on December 2, 2016 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

As my kids are getting older, it’s been more and more important to me as a mom to focus our household on Christ during the Christmas season. But the problem is, it’s sometimes hard to know how to go about doing that. 

I set out on Pinterest to try and find maybe some worksheets or a devotional I could go through. This was several years ago and I had a hard time finding what I needed. I wanted a resource that would point me back to Christ and help me to teach my children the true meaning of the season. 


The problem was – I had trouble finding the resource I wanted. 

So I began collecting resources, putting together my own Scripture based advent calendar, and three years later, we’ve put it all together into this handy kit for YOU (and for me). 

Now all I have to do is print out the Scripture based advent calendar cards, put together the scripture memory cards for myself, and then intentionally teach my kids about Christ! 

Christ-Centered Christmas Kit Super SALE!!

Find out more about the kit below, but I wanted to tell you about a super special sale we have going on until December 11th. You can get $5 off the price of the kit, making it just $14.95! And get instant access to everything below to print off and use however you want!

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I created this kit so you can jump in anytime!! Is it already well into December? No problem, you can jump in and start using it right away. (Plus you will have this resource all ready to go for next year. Your access to the materials never expires!!

Printables, Activities, and Spending Too Much Time on Non-Essentials

When I first set out three years ago to create this kit, I wanted to put together the ultimate kit of resources with tons of activities. I wanted a cool activity for every day of December, etc. But the more I learned as a mom, the more I studied the priorities for my day…the more I realized that I don’t need a Pinterest perfect December. 

I need a December that is focused on Christ. And that’s a lot simpler than I was trying to make it out to be. 

So in creating this Christ-Centered Christmas Kit, I knew that I wanted to create the tools for myself (and for you!) that would help me do that: Focus on Christ throughout the month of December. 


And that doesn’t mean I have to do 25 Pinterest activities, or spend hours putting together the perfect Christmas scavenger hunt for my 4 year olds. I don’t need the most beautiful house or menus printed up and designed for Christmas dinner. If you have the time and energy to do these things, then more power to you! 

But I don’t. Honestly, I’m worn out, I’m tired, I’m 33 weeks pregnant and am lucky if we get dinner on the table. I don’t have the time or capacity to build a picture perfect Christmas and that’s not what my kids need anyway. 

They need Christ. They need the Gospel-message. And they need to understand why Christmas is such a time of celebration! 

And that’s what I need as well. That’s it. It doesn’t have to come with bells and whistles. 


So in creating this kit, I went to the basics first. WHAT do I really need as a mom to teach and instruct my kids about Christmas? If I want a home that is truly focused on Christ during the month of December (and beyond), what does that look like?

Here’s what I ended up creating. And please note: If you are really strapped for cash this Christmas and don’t have anything extra, then don’t worry about it. You don’t need this kit either. You need Jesus and you need the Bible to teach you. Open up the Gospels and start reading. My aim and goal with this kit is to just make it easier for you. If you are overwhelmed and want a clear resource to help out, then the kit it here for you! But don’t burden yourself if you can’t afford it 🙂 

6 Part Audio Series

Here’s the meat of the kit right here. Like I said, I started out three years ago with the intention of giving you activities and all kinds of things to do. But the more that I studied God’s Word and the heart and meat behind Christmas, the more I realized that those things don’t matter. 

The heart behind Christmas is the fact that Jesus (our God, our King, and our Lord), came to the earth as a baby so that some 30 years later he could die on the Cross for our sins. Jesus came to Earth so that we could live eternity in heaven with God. 


“To understand Christmas is to understand basic Christianity, the Gospel.” – Timothy Keller

This 6 part audio series has become my favorite part of this kit because once we, as mothers, truly understand the meaning of Christmas, then we can effectively teach our kids. Once we go deep into Scripture, once we understand how the story of baby Jesus extends far beyond December 25th, then teaching our kids happens naturally because the teaching overflows from our hearts. 

Listen to a sneak peek into the audio series here: 

The six lessons include: 

  • Lesson #1: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (WHY we want to celebrate Christmas)
  • Lesson #2: The Dark Side of Christmas
  • Lesson #3: Understanding the Gospel for Daily Life
  • Lesson #4: Christmas Means That God is With US
  • Lesson #5: Christmas Means That We Celebrate with JOY
  • Lesson #6: Establishing Traditions and Focusing on Christ

Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas eBook

I know some of you don’t have the capacity or time to listen through 6 audio lessons and would rather read it. So we also gave you that option and put everything into a handy eBook for you. I really wanted to make it was easy as possible to go through 🙂 


Gospel-Centered Christmas Bible Verses

I created these for myself. I really wanted to memorize some Bible verses that are related to Christmas so that I could 1) Focus and prepare my own heart and 2) Be able to teach my kids without having to look things up. 

If your kids are old enough, these are also great options for memorizing together! 


Printable Advent Calendar Cards

This is one thing I really wanted! I wanted to be able to focus on Christ each day with something that wouldn’t take too much time or effort. So I created these Scripture based advent cards so that each day of December, you can read through the passage of Scripture with your family. 

The passages start with the Old Testament and give you some prophecies of Christ’s birth and then move on through his story. This is an excellent way to really focus on Christ. 

We’ve created the files for you in two sizes. You can download the larger cards if you have a larger advent calendar with pockets or doors. Or you can download the smaller version to use with small doors or pockets. 


Family Christmas Planner

I have found, with four kids and a full schedule, that when I can intentionally plan things in advance, it helps my month go
so much smoother. December ends up being crazy with parties, my husband’s birthday, activities, Church things, Christmas, and my older twins birthday, and the everyday crazy of life. 

So if we want to fit things in like going to look at Christmas lights, baking cookies, doing an advent calendar, we have to schedule in. And this family Christmas planner is here to help! family-christmas-planner-sheets-sm

The family planner includes:

  • A December Calendar to keep track of all your activities
  • A Christmas Card Checklist so you don’t forget anyone
  • Gift List Tracker so you can stay on budget and give meaningful gifts
  • Christmas Party Planner to take the headache out of planning a fun party!
  • Christmas To-Do List (Does anyone else feel like there’s just too much to keep track of in December?!?)
  • Christmas Baking Tracker so you can create a fun and memorable baking day with friends and family
  • Christmas Traditions Tracking Sheet so you can start establishing meaningful traditions that last year after year
  • Christmas Serving Sheet to help you be more intentional with your serving this year
  • Advent Scripture Reading Tracking to really help you focus on Christ this year! 

Printable Gift Tags – BONUS

This is just a fun bonus – I had my designer make these printable gift tags. You get a full sheet of the designed ones and a full sheet of blank ones that you can write in. These are just a fun addition to your Christmas gifts. 


Scripture Art Prints – BONUS

The other fun bonus that we added are these two beautifully designed Scripture Art Prints! I love decorating my house with things that point my family back to Christ and Christmas time is no exception! Print them out, hang them up, or even give as a Christmas present. 


Grab Your Christmas Kit TODAY! 

You can piece all of this together yourself if you want. But the beauty of this kit is that I’ve put everything together for you. And the meat of this kit includes the 6 audio lessons which will take you inside Scripture to discover the depth and the beauty that is Christmas. 


It’s never too late to really discover the glory of our newborn King and how we can make our December and well into 2018, focused on Christ and all that he has done. If you need a little help in focusing on the right things this year and how to teach your kids about it all, then I want to invite you to jump into the Christ-Centered Christmas Kit today! 

Find Out More & Buy Now

Here’s a sneak peek inside:

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