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My Honest Look at Stitch Fix (The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly)

on May 6, 2015 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

For months, I kept seeing this new thing called Stitch Fix popping up all over the place. Friends and bloggers I know have been ordering boxes and sharing on Facebook and Instagram…and so finally, I broke down and ordered a box! Here’s my honest and open look at Stitch Fix: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

An honest review of Stitch Fix - the good, the bad, and the ugly

As a busy mom of little ones, shopping for clothing on a budget can be tough! So check out my favorite places to shop on a budget (and save time in the process).

How it Works

For those who don’t know how it works, Stitch Fix is a clothing website that hand picks 5 different clothing (and jewelry) pieces and sends them to you to try on. When you first sign up, you will fill out a quick style profile that will ask you questions (such as all your measurements, modesty questions, etc) as well as pick from different style profiles.

Style profile

The neat thing is that the more you use Stitch Fix, provide feedback, and update your style profile, the more that your personal stylist learns what you like. I’ve done two Stitch Fix boxes so far and my second box was much better than my first (for my style).

You can even leave comments and specific things you are looking for (i.e. summer dresses) for your personal stylist and even link to specific Pinterest boards where you’ve pinned outfits and clothing you like so they can best tailor each box to you! Pretty cool.

I also recently found out that they do maternity clothing as well!!! I wish I had known that at the beginning of this pregnancy as maternity clothing always costs so much more anyway! I would have happily paid for a box of maternity.

What It Costs

There is a $20 styling fee that you pay up front when you purchase the box. This covers the stylist fee for picking out all of the clothing – but the neat thing is that if you purchase any items in your box, that $20 then acts as credit towards whatever you purchase. So as long as you purchase at least one item, it doesn’t cost anything extra to get a box. Also, if you purchase all 5 items then you will get 25% off everything. Whatever you don’t want, is packed back up in a pre-paid bag and mailed back to Stitch Fix for free. Super easy!

They say that their average price point is $55 and that seems to generally be true. In both my boxes, I had items in the $30 range but also in the $80-100 range. In your style profile you also have the option to pick different price ranges that you are comfortable with.

My First Stitch Fix Box

Here’s a peak inside my first Stitch Fix box. I’ve since received another box so I’ll have to update with the results of that box…once I can find what computer or camera those pictures are on :/

Jean Shirt – $35

This shirt was cute but just not my style. It was fine unbuttoned like this, but looked like a tent when buttoned! Verdict: Sent back

Jeans – $108

These jeans were actually pretty awesome! I loved how dark they were and they fit really well (you could really feel the quality in them) but I had just recently purchased two new pairs of jeans and I wasn’t looking for new jeans. Next time, I need to add that in a note that I’m not looking for any new jeans. Verdict: Sent back

Shirt and Jeans

Blue Top – $45

Wow, talk about silk smooth! This skirt was the most comfortable thing I’ve ever tried on – but unfortunately it also fit me like a text. I don’t want skin tight items but I this just looked ridiculous on me (this is the one good shot I got of the shirt – you should have seen it from the front or back). Verdict: Sent back

 Stitch Fix blue shirt

Striped Dress: $58

This dress was totally perfect for me! It has a neckline I love, is very flattering and falls just about at my knees. You can also tell this dress is super high quality. This has become one of my favorite dresses I own. Verdict: Kept! 

Stitch Fix Dress

Maxi Skirt: $70

If this was any other maxi skirt, I think I would have ended up keeping it. It was made of a very soft stretchy material, but because of that it really clung to my bum! I found it to not be modest in the least and so… Verdict: Sent back but this was a nice try on their part! It was so close to right.

Stitch Fix maxi skirt

The Verdict

There is something really fun about getting a surprise shipment of clothing and unwrapping it to find what goodies are inside! Because I’m a busy mom with very little time to shop, this type of clothing shopping greatly appeals to me! However, most of the prices on the Stitch Fix clothing are much more than I would normally spend (they are always super high quality and name brands). But having credit through my referral link allowed me to purchase that dress for free (which is pretty awesome)!

An honest review of Stitch Fix

The Good

  • Super easy to navigate, set up my style profile, and order a box (WIN!!)
  • As a busy mom without time to shop, having items arrive to my door that I get to try on FIRST before purchasing is HUGE!
  • It’s super fun to get a mystery box of clothing delivered right to your door
  • My second box was even better than the first as they learn your style over time
  • The quality of the clothing is really excellent. Just by touch you can tell how high quality the items are (which is good because hopefully that means they will last a lot longer than the clearance items I usually buy).

The Bad

  • Most of the prices are far higher priced that I  would normally spend (although if they are better quality and last far longer than my normal clothes, is the higher price worth it)??
  • You could get a box and not like any of the 5 items in it (and thus wasted $20).
  • Some of the clothes have tended to be a little too modern or “hipster” for my taste (but again, this is personal preference)

So, Will I Order Again?

When I got done with my last order, I figured that I tried it twice, wasn’t super impressed and wouldn’t order another box again. But lately I’ve been rethinking that. Now that I’ve had this dress from my box above for several months, every time I wear it, I am reminded at how high quality it is! For $58 I think it’s going to last for years, compared to other bargain bin dresses I’ve had that don’t last more than a season or two (I have very active and busy little boys).

Like I mentioned above, the items I received tended to be a little too “modern” or like “hipster” for me. I’m not really into the whole combat boot-grungy-skinny jeans type of looks (I know, I know I’m totally generalizing here) and I felt like some of the items just really didn’t hit the mark.

So, is StitchFix worth it

But from talking to friends who’ve done multiple Stitch Fix orders, they have encouraged me to stick with it and try again as each shipment gets better. They also encouraged me to leave detailed feedback for my stylist (which I wasn’t doing) and to set up a specific Stitch Fix Pinterest Board with very specific things pinned to it to send to my stylist. My friends encouraged me that this will make a noticeable difference in my boxes.

Plus, I have a $17.65 credit in my account that is burning a hole in my pocket 😉 So yes, I am going to jump in and try another box or two before I give my final verdict…but I will say, it is super fun to get a box! I have one friend who always orders a box for special occasions (on her birthday, for mother’s day, etc) and loves it as her special present. I love that idea since the clothing items are a bit pricey (I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever spent $58 on a dress before!!) you can save them for fun, special occasions!

You can sign up to get your first Stitch Fix box HERE

Referral Program: I almost forgot to mention the referral program! It’s actually pretty fun. Anytime you have friends or family sign up for their first Stitch Fix box through your link, you will get a $25 credit to use on your next box!! $25 adds up quickly – and even though I had just a couple of referrals, I was able to buy that dress I loved from above with referral credits. A free dress? YES PLEASE!

To be perfectly open and honest, the links in this post are my referral links (which doesn’t add ANY cost to you as the customer). I used them because I might as well, but I honestly just wanted to share my experience with Stitch Fix – regardless of getting a referral credit or not because I have had SO many readers ask me about my experience with Stitch Fix.

Have you every ordered from Stitch Fix? What did you think?

Do you still have any questions about how it all works? Leave me a comment below!

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