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Jami’s Favorite 2023 Prime Day Deals

on July 11, 2023 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

Here’s Jami’s secret to Prime day: MANY items are not truly a good deal. They are more or less the same price they always are. So don’t get sucked into all these goods deals that are not actually deals at all. It’s hard when you don’t know the normal price. I use https://camelcamelcamel.com/ and it will give you a historical look at the Amazon price.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker 

While this doesn’t say it’s a Prime Day deal, this is easily the lowest price I’ve seen since 2020. For years, this machine was $70-80 and for the past 3 year’s or so, it’s been $99! So this is a terrific price for a fantastic ice cream machine!! If you got our new ice cream cookbook in our latest shop launch, this ice cream maker would make the perfect companion! This is the exact ice cream maker we had for years and looooved it until we passed it on to my sister in law when we got a bigger one! 

Breville Sous Chef Pro 16 Cup Food Processor

My DREAM food processor is on a terrific deal right now. It has rarely been this low of price, even before 2020! It’s still certainly an investment piece, but since I use my food processor daily, I would love to invest in this one one day!

Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

If you’d like to invest in a good food processor but don’t want the Breville price tag, this Ninja is a fantastic investment. It’s at an almost historic low in price at $89.99. A fantastic deal!!

While this is not the grain mill I would recommend (see below), I know it’s very convienent for many. And at $114 on sale, it IS the lowest price way to get into grinding your own grain.

Nutrimill Prime Day Flash SALES!!!!

While this isn’t an Amazon deal, Nutrimill is running a Prime adjacent sale this week, ending on the 12th. If you are looking for a good stand mixer (Bosch is the BEST and what I’ve used now for years) or a good grain mill, this is the best sale they’ve run in a while!
The workhorse of stand mixers, the Bosch Universal is an investment piece for sure but I use it almost daily in my kitchen. It kneads ALL of my dough, can handle many batches of dough at once and has an incredible mixer. Throw out that Kitchen Aid which just can’t compete and invest in the Bosch!! Great price at $100 off. (Their small, less powerful version is the Artiste. They sent me this model to try out once. It works fantastic for the price, but it is smaller and the motor is less. BUT if you don’t cook as much or have a smaller family, it’s a fantastic lower priced option).

Harvest Grain Mill

You can save $50 0n my #1 recommended grain mill. Yes, it’s an investment, but believe it for not it’s several hundred dollars cheaper than it’s competition. This is the grain mill I used for years (and that my sisters both still use daily)! $50 off is about as good as you will find post-covid prices.

If you are looking for a more budget piece, the Nutrimill classic is fantastic. I know many people who have had their classics for yeeeears and it’s currently $80 off! This grain mill will last you for a very very long time. Either grain mill is a fantastic starter option that will grow with you! Check out all the Nutrimill sales here!! 

SINGER | Heavy Duty Holiday Bundle – 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine with Bonus Extension Table for Larger Projects

WOW! This is a fantastic price. This is the sewing machine I have and if you are interested in sewing or starting to Quilt, this is a fantastic double duty machine. I’ve been quilting on mine and it works so so well without spending $1000+ on a fancy machine. This one even comes with the bonus extension table (which I do not have and would love to have)! This is nearly the lowest price on record for this machine.

Board Games!!

We do weekly game night at our house and as such, we own a lot of board games. I never ever buy them when not on sale and we have a whole list of games we want to get. A few of our FAVORITES are really good prices today. Board games are a big way we invest in our homeschool. That might sound funny, but I think board games are SO good for growing minds!!

  • Splendor – Hands down one of our favorites to play as a family. Not too hard but still fun for everyone!
  • Cities of Splendor – Expansion for the main game. This is on our wish list!
  • Ticket to Ride – A classic and not too complicated for younger kids.
  • Trekking The National Parks – Not among our favorites, but still fun.
  • Agricola – This one is so fun but definitely more advanced! Jason and I play this alone and want to teach our 10 year olds soon, they will totally be able to play it.
  • Trekking The World – This one is on our wish list
  • Trekking Through History – Another one on our wish list
  • Carcassonne – Another classic
  • CATAN Board Game 5-6 Player EXTENSION – this is just the expansion to the main game but allows you to play 5 and 6 players, so this one is a must for us! The kids love Catan.
  • Sheriff of Nottingham – Some may not love this game, but it’s a fun one.
  • Pandemic – Too soon for this one? 😉 Pandemic is a cooperative game so that everyone is on the same team as you battle back this pandemic. It’s super fun to play with a variety of ages since you can all help each other out. This is a favorite of ours.
  • Ticket to Ride Rails & Sails – This is one on our wish list! We love the other Ticket to Ride games and this one adds some interesting dynamics.
  • 7 Wonders – This one is a classic and one that is on our wish list. This price is a good one!
  • Pandemic Fall of Rome – I want to get this one so bad!! This cooperative game looks so fun and we love the original Pandemic!
  • The Lord of the Rings Journeys in Middle-earth – We got this game last Christmas and while Jason and the boys LOVE it, it is very advanced and not for board game beginners 😉
  • Everdell – We got Everdell last Christmas too and it’s a great one! There’s a bunch of extensions you can add.
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 0 – This other Pandemic game looks so good too. This one is on our wish list.

USA Pans

USA pans are my #1 go to non-stick, non-toxic pans. Good quality bakeware will change your baked goods forever! Their pans are on sale today.

Fun Homeschool Deals!!

Here are some fun things I’ve found today that would make awesome additions to homeschool this year. I’d like to pick one or two of these to order.

Get instant free access to my Finding Joy in Your Home video course.

  • Do you want to discover more joy, peace, & tranquility within your home?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and like your house is out of control?
  • Join my free course and learn the essential habits for Christian homemakers

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