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Join me for Strengthening Your Marriage Challenge (Starting February 8th!)

on February 4, 2016 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

Update: I’ve had people ask how they can join the challenge. I guess I didn’t make that clear enough. Oops! Click the button to sign up for the challenge —> Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 2.39.17 PM

One of the things I’m working on this year is being more intentional with my time and focusing on making real and lasting change. One way I decided I would try to do this is by going through a few challenges for myself.

My first challenge was in January. I challenged myself to go through the Make Over Your Mornings course and commit to getting up early and making it a daily habit throughout January. I still have a long way to go in perfecting my morning routine, but it was so wonderful to set aside that time and make that commitment to establishing better routines and habits.

30 days of loving your man challenge

Honestly, the challenge was life changing and I think my new morning routine is here to stay (YAY!!!). One key component that I think helped me stay so on track, is that I went through the challenge in an accountability group. I opened up the challenge here to all of you, and over 200 women decided to join me!

I couldn’t believe how much energy, encouragement, and love came out of that group! It was so encouraging each morning to wake up to women sharing their progress in the course, the challenges they faced, to learn and grow together, and to be able to freely share ideas and resources! I know I’m not the only one who has felt the lasting change from this accountability group! 

Taking on an All-New Challenge!

I knew that I wanted to do a few more challenges in 2016, but I wasn’t sure what it would look like. But one thing I knew, is that 2016 needed to be more focused on my husband. I was pregnant for half of 2015, then I had a rough C-section and recovery, and the rest of 2015 was spent caring for twin newborns and adjusting to our new life as a family of 6.

Needless to say, my role as a mom took on a higher level of attention for a while. And the romance and spotlight on my husband took a backseat while we survived through those rough first few months of newborn life.

Now, things are settling down and we are getting back into a new normal and establishing routines again. So what better of a time than February to focus on our marriage and ON MY MAN! 


I’ll be honest, the romance…the laughing…the talking…the playfulness…has largely disappeared during this year. Our communication has suffered and frankly, I’ve not been treating my husband the way that I know God has called me too.

I want to get back to a place where I am truly cherishing my husband. Making him feel special. Laughing – really laughing – with and joking with my husband through the day! I want to cherish my man  – and I want him to know it!!

Will You Join Us?

So, I’ve teamed up with two other amazing Christian bloggers to bring you the Strengthen Your Marriage Challenge – February 8th through March 8th!

Katie from Embracing a Simpler Life and Caroline from The Modest Mom are teaming up with me to give you a fabulous bundle of eBooks and printables (for over 50% OFF it’s normal price)!!!

Starting February 8th, we are going through Caroline’s 30 Days of Loving Your Man challenge. Follow along with 1 challenge a day for 30 days to help reconnect with your husband.


It’s going to be a fairly easy challenge. Something small each day that you can focus on your marriage – and improving things around your house (there’s ALWAYS room for improvement and a deeper connection with your hubby)! We created a private Facebook group and we want YOU to go through the challenge with us!!Join our 30 day challenge!!

Take The Challenge With Us

My goal and aim of the challenge is two fold 1) Take a little extra time throughout my day to focus on my husband. 1 small thing each day for 30 days. 2) to share encouragement, resources, and ideas between the challenge members to help us all strengthen our marriages and support one another!!

Throughout the challenge, in the private Facebook group, we will be discussing fun, practical ways that we can make this happen. Sharing books, articles, and other resource ideas on different aspects of marriage.

I don’t really have the time or energy (or frankly, the brain power) to think up something new each day for 30 days to do for my husband. So I’m super excited for this challenge because the thinking has been done for me LOL!

All I have to do is print and go!

So to participate in the challenge:

Sign up for the Strengthen Your Marriage Challenge (and get 4 amazing resources for over 50% OFF) then download the books and printables and join our private FB group (things will be slow in there this week but then come February 8th we will kick into high gear)!

(If you want to just go through the 30 day challenge (without the other three resources), you can purchase just the challenge here for $5.99!)

Challenge FAQ

Who is this challenge for?: Anyone who wants to take even a little bit of time and effort to work on her marriage, to develop better communication, and/or to have more FUN with your husband!

Do I have to stick to the 30 day plan to participate?: No! You are more than welcome to join us for the 30 day challenge (or any part of it that you want) but the printables are all designed to allow you to use them at your own pace and when you want! You don’t even have to join our group if you don’t want.

When is this challenge?: February 8th – March 8th – but the schedule is loose! Katie, Caroline, and myself will be in the group every day posting discussion questions and I encourage you to interact with everyone in the group. But you can pop in and out as you want. Use the group as much (or as little) as you need for accountability and additional resources!

What If I Can’t Participate This month?: No problem (but we will miss you!) – when you purchase the bundle, you will get lifetime access. So I encourage you to sign up now if you eventually want to take it because it’s such a good price right now (normally $27). It’s a fantastic bundle that you can use throughout the year.

What do I need to participate?: Purchase the Strengthen Your Marriage bundle and then start downloading your items and join the Private Facebook group! That’s it! (In the notes section after you purchase you will see the link to join the FB group. If you can’t find it – shoot me an email and I will get you all set up – jami @ youngwifesguide (.) com.)

What’s Included in the Bundle

Okay, here’s why I’m so excited for this challenge. Caroline, Katie, and I all got together to discuss our marriage challenge for February. We started looking for resources out there on marriage and what we could use for this 30 day challenge – we hunted and hunted and just couldn’t find the right thing with enough value to justify the price. (Plus we wanted the resources to come from a Gospel-Centered perspective!)

So finally, we decided to combine forces and create our own amazing bundle FOR YOU! And I can say this confidently (because I only created 1/3 of the bundle), that this thing ROCKS!!! So anyway – here’s what’s inside:

Strengthening Your Marriage Bundle

30 Days of Loving Your Man by Caroline Allen

Caroline and her husband Sean created the 30 day challenge. This is what we will be going through during the month – A 30 day challenge to show your husband some serious affection!

This 30 day marriage challenge is meant to get you out of your rut and back into loving your man! I’ll warn you though, it might put some serious spice back in your marriage. You’re husband won’t know what’s gotten into you.

Follow along with 1 challenge a day for 30 days to help reconnect with your husband. (PLUS 30 love note cards to help you love on your man)!

(If you don’t want to get the entire bundle – you can purchase just the 30 day challenge for just $5.99)

30 Days

How to Plan a Marriage Retreat for Two by Katie Bennett

Marriage Retreat 3D cover 2 copyI am really excited about this eBook and the printables it contains! Jason and I are planning a trip in May for our 7th wedding anniversary and I really want to use this eBook to make it into a mini-marriage retreat!

The book includes 6 printable exercises to help you pray, reflect, and chart a purposeful course for the upcoming year <— how fun is that??


90 Date Night Questions by Katie BennettDate questions

Do you make the time for date nights with your husband, only to figure out you don’t know what to talk about (or the conversation just isn’t that deep)?

Add a fun and purposeful element to your date nights with these 90 questions!

This product contains nine printable lists of 10 questions each, intended to be used on nine separate dates. Simply download, print and cut, and you’ll be ready to go in minutes.

Rekindling Romance eKit by Jami Balmet

Rekindling Romance eKit!This is my contribution to the bundle and I’m really excited about it. Jason and I created this kit 3 years ago, and I finally updated the design this year! It’s now more streamlined and better than ever – plus it’s pretty!! 

You can be the first ones to get the brand new, updated design. Version 2.0!

This eKit is the perfect companion to the 30 day challenge because it contains 7 fun date and gift ideas for your husband!

Included in the kit you will find all the printables and inspiration you need to create a romantic gift basket, create a scavenger hunt, 10 things I love about you cards, a romantic coupon book, a spicy newlywed game, and more!!


Will you pray about joining us for this challenge? We want to get a great group of gals to go through it with us!! I really need some encouragement and accountability as I work my way through this challenge.

If you want to join us: Head over here to snag the bundle at this amazing price and then request to join our private Facebook group! Things will really start to kick into gear as we approach February 8th.

Our dream would be to find 500 like minded women to go through this challenge with us in February! If you know any family or friends who would love to go join us, send them this link: http://youngwifesguide.com/join-me-for-strengthening-your-marriage-challenge-starting-february-8th/


30 days of loving your man challengefb

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  • Do you want to discover more joy, peace, & tranquility within your home?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and like your house is out of control?
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