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Freezer Cooking: has changed my life

Freezer cooking has changed my life. Sound dramatic? I’m not saying it has changed my life in a coming-to-saving-faith-in-Christ kind of way. But rather it has changed my daily life and my everyday duties. About a year ago I would have said “Once a month cooking?? Huh?” Like maybe I’ve heard a blogger here or… Read More

Recover Old Chairs – For Less than $5

When my husband and I got married, we had nothing! We had both lived on campus at our University for one year (I was in a dorm and he was in an apartment) so we had nothing of our own! We were fortunate to be blessed by so many gifts from friends and family. We got a… Read More

7 Practical Tips on Apartment Hospitality

Last week I wrote a review of a fabulous book called “Practicing Hospitality: The Joy of Serving Others” and also shared 10 great resources to help you get started with practicing hospitality. These posts spurred on some discussion of hospitality and how to really practice it. I know that living in an apartment, condo, or… Read More