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Portrait of a Titus 2 Woman

By Katie, Contributing Writer For my birthday, a friend of mine gave me a book by Carolyn Mahaney. Carolyn and her daughters are the authors of the website Girl Talk. It’s a fantastic resource for women! The book is called Feminine Appeal. I have just started it but it is very good so far. She is basing the… Read More

Just Do the Next Thing – My Homemaking Motto

Post by Anjanette Barr, Contributing Writer   I had been married for almost three years and was desperately in love with my life. My sweet little boy had a permanent place on my hip and I couldn’t wait for my husband to come home so that I could tell him about every second of fun we’d… Read More

Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy

By Ashley Roe, Contributing Writer You’ve probably heard the quote that is attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy” and oh how true that is! Joy is something I have sought after for many years. I always wanted to be a joyful person, but for one reason or another my joy never… Read More

The Madness of Multitasking

By Lauren Huss, Contributing Writer The whole family was together. Lounging around the family room enjoying each other’s company… Sort of. I surveyed the ridiculous scene. The talking heads arguing about the news of the day in high-def. Husband stretched out in the recliner, Kindle Fire in hand, scanning an e-book while awaiting his next… Read More

Getting organized for summer!

Every summer I envision lazy days full of reading, relaxing, and catching up with friends and family. But every summer it’s the same…I end up crazy busy and before I know it the summer is gone! Does this happen to anyone else? My days get packed full of summer bible studies, days at the park,… Read More

Hospitality Through the Bible: Old Testament

This post is part of my series on The Joy of Hospitality: Practicing the Biblical art of serving others! You can follow along and read all posts in the series HERE. Hospitality is a very foreign concept in our modern North American society. We are exchanging deep conversations for 140 character tweets. Conversations are becoming… Read More

Taking Charge of Your Family’s Health….for God’s Glory!

This week we will be focusing on what it means to be a homemaker that brings glory to God in her homemaking as part of the 5 Days of Intentionally Living series. As a homemaker, wife & mother I know it’s my responsibility to make sure my family is living a healthy life. We are not perfect… Read More

5 Days of Intentional Living: Glorifying God in Your Homemaking

I am so excited share that all week long I will be participating in a blog series written by 16 fabulous bloggers. We will each post Monday – Friday for 5 posts each for a total of 80 posts on the topic of Living Intentionally! The series starts this Monday, April 8th and I’m excited… Read More

Setting the Atmosphere of the Home – 3 Ways to Glorify God

By Justyn Lang, Contributing Writer We have all heard the saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Horrid grammar, but it’s so true. We ladies have the power to set the atmosphere in our homes. When the wife/mama is calm, cheerful and content, everybody in the house can feel it. We’re like thermostats. Sure, the… Read More