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The Homemaking Ministries Online Conference 2015 IS HERE!!!

on October 19, 2015 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

YOU GUYS!!! I have been waiting all year for this – and working hard for months!! And it’s finally here – The Homemaking Ministries Online Conference 2015!

Last year’s conference was a huge success – and so much fun. But this year is shaping up to be even better!

With your ticket

Our conference is a labor of love that my husband and I have been working on for about four months now and planning all year. If you attended the conference last year, then you are in for a treat because this year’s conference has some really amazing bonuses and fabulous conference sessions.

The Ministry of Homemaking

This year’s conference theme is the ministry of homemaking. Do you need some help in your homemaking? What does it mean to glorify God from within your home? Join us to answer these questions and more!

Here’s a quick view of what this year’s conference contains:

  • 12 video sessions from 9 amazing homemaking bloggers and authors
  • A private Facebook group for the conference attendees to chat, fellowship, share resources, and interact with the speakers
  • A beautifully designed home management binder that’s yours FREE as an added bonus
  • Over $200 in other homemaking resources and bonus items (eBooks, printables, and more)
  • And so much more!

Attend the Conference Live

The conference is live October 27, 28, and 29! We will have four video sessions go live each day and tons of fun discussions, fellowship, and sharing resources going on in the private conference Facebook group for all the attendees and speakers.

But because I’m a busy wife, mom, and homemaker and don’t have the time to sit down for three days and ignore my house, we’ve made the conference super flexible! You can hop on and watch the conference sessions live as they are posted (on any device with internet) or watch them later at your own convenience!

Watch them anytime, anywhere, and on any device! 

Since I’ve been working hard on this year’s conference, I’ve had a few people express to me that they just can’t find the time to sit down at their computer for 12 sessions. And I get it. I totally do! I wouldn’t be able to do that either. But just like listening to podcasts, listening through the conference can be super flexible.

I literally watch through the conference sessions while taking care of my home! I listen while I cook, when I’m cleaning, driving to and from errands, folding laundry, etc!

Home Management Binder Pages 3D

Get even more with your ticket this year!

My #1 goal with the conference this year was to not only provide you with amazing conference sessions (which we have), but also give you some hands-on practical tools for creating a Gospel-Centered home!

I am so excited to share with you the following AMAZING bonus resources you get with your ticket – for FREE! Head over here to view everything that’s in this year’s conference.

1) Fully Designed Home Management Binder

This was the first thing that I knew I wanted to add to the conference this year. I created my own home management binder a few years ago but it was really lacking everything I needed. So I hired a designer, gave him everything I wanted to go in the binder, and the result: The most amazing home management binder ever! Seriously, this thing rocks (and it’s beautiful)!

And you get it for FREE with your ticket to the conference! 

Home Management Binder

2) Amazing Bonus Items from the Conference SpeakersBonus Items

When you purchase a ticket by October 26th, you will get 5$ off the normal ticket price PLUS all these amazing bonus items from the speakers to enhance your conference experience. You will get:

3) Special Art Print & Scripture Cards BONUS!!

This is my favorite bonus of all!

A few months ago, I did a survey on my Facebook page asking what giveaways you wanted to see. The #1 answer surprised me: Christian home decor! And while I love doing a few big giveaways for a couple lucky winners, I knew that I wanted to do more. I wanted to give everyone the chance to get some Christian home decor.

So this year, through Tuesday night ONLY (October 20th) when you purchase a ticket to the conference, we will MAIL you 5 Scripture Art Prints and 2 Sets of Scripture Memory Cards!!!

Scripture prints 2

Yup – My husband and I sat down and had a serious talk about how we would offer a bonus like this. We talked about offering a discount code of some sort and we decided to go all out for it – simply enter your shipping address at check out and we will mail you these gorgeous Scripture art prints and memory cards. 

We are even paying the shipping for you! Yup – this bonus is totally free and I am so excited to be able to offer the opportunity to all the conference attendees. But we do have to put a limit on it – or I will spend the next 6 months shipping out art prints!! You have to purchase a ticket by Tuesday night by 11:59pm! Check out my video explaining this amazing bonus:

One of the perks of organizing this conference is that I’ve been able to listen to the conference sessions beforehand – and let me tell you – these sessions are jammed packed with encouragement and practical tools for Gospel-Centered Homemaking! I can’t wait to watch through them again!! Here are the sessions:

  • Session #1: The Ministry of Homemaking – Jami Balmet
  • Session #2: Recovering Biblical Homemaking – Marci Ferrell
  • Session #3: Homemaking and Working from Home – Is it Possible to Do Both? – Caroline Allen
  • Session #4: Homemaking – The Juggling Act – Jennifer Ross
  • Session #5: Saving Time and Money in the Kitchen – Jami Balmet
  • Session #6: Having a Plan for Keeping Your Home Clean – Marci Ferrell
  • Session #7: Prayer in Homemaking – Gaining Vision, Finding Time, and Praying with our Children – Katie Bennett
  • Session #8: Finding Joy in Homemaking – Hilary Bernstein
  • Session #9: Spiritual Disciplines for the Busy Homemaker – Jami Balmet
  • Session #10: Calm Your Chaos – Kayse Pratt
  • Session #11: Unrealistic Expectations, Communicating Your Needs, and Dealing with Differences – Marlene Griffith
  • Session #12: Bible Memorization- 5 Minutes a Day, Lifetime Benefits for the Entire Family – Trisha Gilkerson

Here’s a sneak peek of the first session:

So don’t miss out on all of the amazing bonuses with this year’s conference! I am so excited to interact with you all during the Facebook group.

This is literally my favorite project I have ever worked on!! Find out more about the conference or buy your ticket here:

HMC_buy_now2_red y

Get instant free access to my Finding Joy in Your Home video course.

  • Do you want to discover more joy, peace, & tranquility within your home?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and like your house is out of control?
  • Join my free course and learn the essential habits for Christian homemakers

Get my homemaking videos