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Creating Tea Blends With Marla – S2, E44

on July 23, 2023 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

What is tea, and the difference between types of tea? What are the nutritional values of tea and how are the nutrients found in true tea good for you? Jami interviews tea expert Marla in today’s episode to answer all those questions and more. Listen in!

Listen to the Podcast:

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Let’s take a look at herbal teas (tisanes) and how you can create your own types of herbal teas. What are some simple tips/tricks to look for when deciding what herbs to use to create your teas? A couple of easy herbal tea blends you can make, using herbs you may have in your own herb garden.

Marla is the woman behind the MaraBette & Co, Tea and Hospitality, LLC, a wife, daughter, friend. She is an unconventional, God- loving tea & hospitality enthusiast with a no-nonsense approach to helping people discover the joy of hospitality and serving, through the time-honored art of taking tea and having afternoon tea. Through her company, MaraBette & Co, Marla has established a unique line of artisan teas reflecting the love of family, home, friendship, & hospitality, bringing to many a new sense of wonder through her many tea blends.

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  • Book Recommendation: Growing Your Own Tea Garden; The Guide To Growing & Harvesting FlavorfulTeas In Your Backyard-By Jodi Helmer
  • Book Recommendation: Homegrown Tea; An Illustrated Guide To Planting, harvesting, & blending teas & tisanes-By Cassie Liversidge
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