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For when you lack energy- S2, E5

on October 16, 2022 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

In this series of the new season, we are chatting about having productive households. One key component of a productive household, is stewarding our health (and our mental health) in a way that we can be productive in the season God has called us to. Today we are focusing on this topic from a very practical view point. Let’s jump in!

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For when you lack energy:

1) Take an honest evaluation: why are you lacking energy?

  • Are you struggling to find meaning in your day?
  • Are you feeling bored? Listen to last episode
  • Are you feeling depressed?
  • Do you need to evaluate your health and hormones?
As women, we often put ourselves last. this can be a GOOD thing sometimes. It can also be a bad thing when we do it to the detriment of your health.

It brings glory to God when we care for our physical bodies in a way that allows us to care for our families.

Some ways to help energy: 

1. Minerals! Mt. Capra minerals are what I use right now. Also: real sea salt are an excellent source of minerals.

2. Getting real sleep

3. Figuring out your hormones & thyroid health (check out Dr. Axe as an important starting point)

4. Focusing on healthy carbs and fats

5. Vitamin D – get out in the sun 15-20 minutes a day

6. Vitamin B complex (I love Dr. Axe’s)