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Jami Answers Your Homeschool Questions – S2, E36

on May 28, 2023 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

In today’s episode, Jami answers your questions on all things homeschooling. Listen in!

Listen to the Podcast:

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Questions Answered in the Episode:

Q: Teaching how to read: https://amzn.to/3N1QOKn



Q: Reassurance that when we find a curriculum that continues to work it’s okay to stick with it. Sometimes I feel like my kids will miss out on all the other amazing options out there.

I get it! With so many terrific options out there, it can really feel overwhelming and hard to choose. What I like to do is add in a lot of quality reading, this way, I know we are still hitting all kinds of amazing things! 

Q: Curriculum Recommendations for Age 5? 

MasterBooks, The Good and the Beautiful, And Gather Round. 

Q: My son ins’t in the correct grade level – is that normal? Finishing 1st, going into 3rd.

One of the most beautiful things about homeschooling is the ability to tailor the education to your child. Who says that every single subject needs to be taught and mastered at the exact same age? Do adults function like that? Or do we all learn different things at different paces. I use grades as a general guideline to help me moving forward, but only you know your child well enough to know what they need! 

Q: General Words of wisdom? Starting K this year 

You’ve got this! I know it feels so hard and overwhelming. But K-3rd is a LOT of play and reading. Stick to that and you are golden. Also, read some homeschooling books to get a good idea of homeschooling trips and tricks. 

Q: How homeschool daily routine looks like schooling multiple kids? 

We try and bunch together subjects as much as possible. The only thing each kid does on their own at their grade level is math, everything else is done as a group. 

Gather Round or unit studies is a great way to do this. Especially for K-5th, it’s easy for everyone to study the same thing at a time. Once 5th and beyond, the kids can much more easily study subjects on their own. 

8am: daily worksheets & handwriting during breakfast. 

9am: Morning basket time & Biblio Plan & current GR unit, & then math. 

Done with regular school by noon. 

Lunch break 

Afternoon we do other fun, hands on things. We do art lessons twice a week and a music lessons twice a week. This is also free play art time, play outside, work on coding, quilting, or knitting a hat. No electronic, tv time, or playing until 4pm. 

4pm until dinner they can then play. 

Fridays are project Fridays! 

Q: Do you use a curriculum or make your own? 

Well now, sorta both since we are creating homesteading units! But mostly, I don’t make my own. 

Q: Do you bind your books that you print off? 

Yes! I have a binding machine that is amazing. It’s saved us thousands of dollars. This year we are trying a new method though in 3 ring notebooks. 

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