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What if I don’t find Sundays’s restful? On Sabbath rest + expectations -Episode #47

on May 22, 2022 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

Are you struggling to find Sunday’s restful? Do you desire to make Sunday about Church and fellowship but end up just feeling burnt out and even more tired? Do you sometimes wonder what the purpose in our rest is? In this practical episode, Jami tackles the important question “What if I don’t find Sunday’s restful?” Let’s dive in!

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I got a question in our group this week about Sunday’s and it being a day of rest. Her question resonated with me because it’s something I’ve had to give a lot of thought to and I’ve heard repeated a lot.

Her question goes along the lines of: “I wasn’t raised in a Christian household and Sunday’s were a slower catch up day for us. With church and other activities, it can feel more draining than it is relaxing. Where is the “recharge” on Sunday? Help!”

In today’s episode we cover a few Spiritual + Practical applications for this discussions.

  1. Finding a new church IS exhausting.
  2. Before we dive into any practical take aways, we need to first ask the extremely important question “What is the Sabbath? What IS Sunday for?”

Bible verses referenced: Dt. 5:12-15, Isaiah 58:13–14. 

What are our goals for the sabbath day?

“The distinction in Isaiah 58 is between doing what is pleasing to God and doing what is pleasing to ourselves in opposition to what is pleasing to God. Presumably, what is in view in the prophetic critique is God’s judgment against the Israelites for violating the Mosaic law with respect to the Sabbath day, particularly regarding involvement in commerce. There were Israelites who wanted to be able to buy and sell seven days a week, not simply six days a week. Therefore, they violated the Sabbath commandment by seeking their own pleasure, which was to do business on the Sabbath rather than to do that which was pleasing to God.” – Ligonier.org article: https://www.ligonier.org/learn/articles/defining-debate

Practical Help for Sunday:

  1. If we are viewing Sunday as a catch up day, then adding in Church + activities will be seen as a burden.
  2. Plan ahead Friday + Saturday so that Sunday isn’t your catch up day.
  3. Life as a mom who serves, is just a little different – but that doesn’t mean bad

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