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A family announcement + my pregnancy favs! – Episode 35

on February 6, 2022 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

Well the title of this episode kind of gives it away! We are expecting our 7th child in September 2022 and as I’m in the throws of the first trimester, I thought I would share a little bit of the journey with you.

Listen to the Podcast:

You can find all the links and notes for this episode below!

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Favorite Pregnancy Books:

Morning Sickness Remedies: 

Heartburn remedies: 

  • The only thing that has ever worked for me for heartburn is: Alkalime supplement by Young Living
  • Genexa

Pregnancy tea:

Pregnancy workout dvd:

Vitamins and supplements:

  • Take a good prenatal – I use Master Formula + Super B as my prenatal vitamin (both from Young Living). You can read about this combo here.
  • Dr. Axe also has a great prenatal I recommend
  • I also take a good probiotic. I switch between Young Living’s Life9 and some of Dr. Axe’s probiotics. It’s a good idea to switch up your probiotic from time to time to get different strains. Dr. Axe has a bunch of good ones but I recommend his Women’s once a day as well as his SBO probiotic.
  • You will also want a good omega/fish oil supplement for pregnancy. No surprise here but I recommend one of Dr. Axe’s Omega’s but all four are currently sold out. The one I take now is Young Living’s OmegaGize. A good omega supplement is crucial during pregnancy, but a GOOD one from a good source is going to be expensive. Just keep that in mind. I usually take mine 3-4 times a week instead of every day just to lesson that expense a bit.
  • I also take Magnesium and iron – see my favorites below

Other supplements I LOVE:

  • TriLight Health has an entire line of pregnancy herbal blends that are affordable and rock! Their ingredients are outstanding. I recommend getting their Pregnancy essentials kit for everything you need.
  • Earthley is my next favorite store to recommend. It’s owned by a mom who has a passion for providing home remedies at an affordable price. Here are a few of my favorites from Earthley:
  • Pregnancy tea -a Premade blend for pregnancy
  • Fertili Boost herbal extract – Want help getting pregnant? This tincture might help.
  • Post Partum balance – I am SO getting this tincture for this time around – helps balance things out after pregnancy
  • Mama’s tummy relief – I wish I had seen this during my first-trimester sickness
  • Nourish her naturally – Another possible option for a prenatal
  • Magnesium Lotion – Another great one for pregnancy! I use this every night. Dr. Axe has a good supplement if you want a pill instead of a lotion.
  • Iron supplement  – I LOVE Earthley’s iron supplement. Make sure to look for an herbal iron supplement though if using a different brand.

Meal Planning Help for Eating Healthy:

I am really excited to share with you the sponsor of today’s podcast episode: PrepDish! If you ever feel like you wish you had a little help in your meal planning, then I highly encourage you to check out PrepDish. They offer gluten-free meal plans and paleo meal plans.

But you don’t have to eat a gluten-free or paleo diet in order to take advantage of all that PrepDish has to offer! In fact, almost half of their customers don’t eat those diets. The meals are healthy and non-processed and work well for anyone who is trying to eat a healthy diet. And PrepDish is offering a super special TWO week free trail when you sign up through this link (how awesome!!)

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email every week with a grocery list and instructions for prepping your meals ahead of time. After only 1-3 hours of prepping on the weekend, you’ll have all of your meals ready for the entire week. I absolutely love how easy they make it.

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