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My 12 goals for 2022 – Episode 34

on January 23, 2022 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

I love setting goals for the new year. It usually happens for me in December, but better late than never! If you haven’t set goals for the year yet, don’t despair, let’s jump in together! Listen in to my 12 goals for 2022:

Listen to the Podcast:

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For the first time ever, I’ve picked a theme for my year instead of a word. My theme this year is: The Year of Transition.

It’s shaping my intentionality as I approach some new projects and things this year. You can listen to my podcast episode on the topic above, but my goals for this year are coming out of this theme for the year.

I’ve got 3 main areas that I’m setting goals in this year:

  • Transition in my Personal goals
  • Transition in our family goals
  • Transition in our business & ministry

Transition in my Personal Goals:

I love setting personal goals for myself. I know for some people it stresses them out, but for me, it helps motivate me. My biggest part of my personal theme this year, is working on transitioning into more solid routines. In 2021, we survived working in the margins of a busy year. This year, I’m working on making more solid routines all around for more transitions to come.

  1. Read 104 books this year (I transitioned this down from 130 books)
  2. Establish a solid morning routine that becomes easy to stick to
  3. Read the Bible twice this year (A big part of better morning routines)
  4. As a result of better routines, take nights and weekends off

Transition in our Family Goals:

  1. Teach the older boys 20 recipes they can cook entirely on their own (cook 20 recipes with the middle 3 kids)
  2. Play more board games (together and as a family)
  3. Read more fiction series with the kids (better routines to find the time for this)
  4. Take the children out on one on one dates monthly

Transition in Business & Ministry:

THIS is the area, that if we can really solidify, will help us in the other areas of goals. We are so thankful for a small business that we run with just an internet connection, but it’s also easy to take over all corners and margins. I want to transition from a soloprenuer idea to a small business owner over seeing a team. It’s a BIG transition for us. I’m both nervous and excited about it.

  1. Hire 3-4 people over the course of the year
  2. Find a shipper for our store launches
  3. Relaunch My Homemaking Mentor all brand new!
  4. Create solid weekly content routines