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Adding Project Fridays to Our Weekly Schedule – S2, E6

on October 23, 2022 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

We’ve started a new habit in our weekly schedule this year called Project Fridays and it’s change the way we get to household projects AND fun projects we want to do. This episode is for all homeschoolers especially, but really for anyone who wants to get to “extra” projects but just never finds the time to do so. Listen in!

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I’ve got a few goals this year in running a productive household. I’ve got some household projects going on like decluttering and organizing kids clothes, putting the garden to bed for the fall in a good way, and organizing the garage. We’ve also got a whole list of fun things we want to tackle: learning how to knit, making sourdough, the kids want to do homemade play-dough again and the list goes on.

As we sink back into normal life routines after having a baby and revamping our homeschool routines for the year, I accidentally started something new that we call Project Fridays. And we’ve loved it!

Our goal with Project Fridays: Learn and explore a fun new skill or craft AND get a home project done!

Here’s how we do it: First thing we start our home project and get it done quick. Everyone is motivated and excited to get it done. And then we move into our hands on project!

So far we’ve done: Water color class, Making necklaces and bracelets, making chocolates and lollipops.

What we’ve got on our schedule for this year:

  • Making clay beads
  • Christmas cookies
  • Homemade play dough
  • Learning how to sew
  • Learning how to crochet
  • Candies from scratch
  • Charcoal sketching
  • Carving soapstone
  • Making soap
  • Making clay stop motion characters + background making
  • Turning this into movies
  • Learn how to make basic video games
  • Learning to code
  • Cake decorating
  • Woodworking

How to make it affordable:

  • Thrift stores – check in often for craft supplies (create a list so you know what to look for!)
  • Hobby Lobby (and Michael’s + Joannes) clearance sections
  • Dollar Tree

Links & Resources:

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