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My 12 goals for 2021- Hf #312

on December 23, 2020 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

I love setting goals for the new year! For 2021, my goals are based off of my word for this year and the focus I want to have. Listen in to my 12 goals I’ll be working on this year!

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My word for 2021 took a little while to settle on. But in praying about it and really thinking through what Jason and I both want our household to capture this next year, I landed on: Kingdom.

It’s shaping a lot about how I approach this next year in my thought process and practically through my goals. As I dig into what we will be working towards in 2021, I’ve broken my goals down into 3 categories:

  • The Kingdom and my personal goals
  • The Kingdom and my family
  • The Kingdom and my business/ministry

The Kingdom and My Personal Goals:

I’m a big planner and goal setter. It helps to motivate me and I know that by setting personal goals for myself, I accomplish far more than if I didn’t set any goals at all. I’ve got 4 goals for this category:

  1. Read 130 books in 2021
  2. Read the entire Bible cover to cover
  3. Keep a gratitude journal for 365 days
  4. Do 6 craft projects in the year

The Kingdom and My Family Goals:

Jason and I have developed these goals together.

  1. Memorize 40 Bible verses this year (I would like to shoot for 52, one a week, but I know 40 is more realistic).
  2. Play more board games (as a family and Jason and I)
  3. Invest in solidifying our homeschooling routines. We started a new curriculum 6 months ago that’s working so well for us. The next step is really solidifying those routines and habits.
  4. Better family worship routine (5 times a week)

The Kingdom and My Business/Ministry Goals

  1. Write a book
  2. Launch rebrand of Finding Joy in Your Home (from Young Wife’s Guide)
  3. Hire 3-4 people over the course of the year
  4. Launch 4 new big products and 4 small products
  5. Secret goal: Work on a huge secret project we have set to launch quarter one 2022. We need to be working on this project each week but it’s hard to stay on track with a project that huge when it’s so far away!