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Our monthly grocery shopping from Azure Standard: April 2021

on April 13, 2021 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

I’ve been a huge fan of ordering from Azure standard for years. Our last couple of years in our house, I was ordering up to 50% of our grocery budget each month at Azure and could have done more. Now that we are traveling full time around the U.S., I haven’t been doing Azure orders (and my grocery budget has felt it)!

So finally this month I joined an Azure drop and did my first order in 11 months ? So glad I did. I will now be finding and joining Azure drops in every state we visit from now on. Today I filmed a quick video sharing what’s inside my April 2021 Azure order and hope to do these each month again. (Sorry for the bad lighting and sound. I didn’t have much time to set up for this video. I’ll make it better next time!)

How Azure Works:

Azure is a bit unusual in it’s ordering. They are based in Oregon and you are able to place an order once a month. You have an order due by a certain date each month. You place your order and about 2-3 days later they load a semi-truck with all the orders in your area. At that point, you will find out if they are out of stock of anything and then you will be charged just for the items that ship.

You will know ahead of time the drop point and time. You show up (usually to a place with a big parking lot) and the drop point coordinator has a checklist of everyone’s orders as they come off the semi-truck. You grab your order and are good to go!

Create an account and you can find a drop point in your area to join. Text or call the drop point coordinator for any more pick up day instructions.

The West Coast all ships free since it’s only coming from Oregon. At some point when you go out farther east, a shipping charge is added. For my fairly heavy order from April that was easily 100+ pounds, it added a $30 shipping charge for North Carolina. I know that feels expensive when you live on the East Coast, but the cheaper price of their goods still makes the shipping charge WELL WORTH ordering from Azure.

I always get asked what I order from Azure. Basically, I look ahead to what things I need for the month and look them up on Azure. More and more I order everything from Azure. But here are some of my favorites:

*Prices do tend to fluctuate a lot with Azure. So sometimes I get use to ordering the same thing again and again but have to search for new brands on Azure when a particular brand gets too expensive.


Dry goods:

Other Pantry Items:


Cold Items: