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My Pregnancy Survival Kit (What I’ve learned the third time around) – YWGtv Ep. 5

on November 13, 2016 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

I’m in the middle of my third pregnancy (5th child as we’ve had two sets of twins) and I feel like I’ve finally found some things that work really well for pregnancy. 

I’ve battled morning sickness, thousands of stretch marks, heartburn, and have finally found some solutions that actually work to help cope with some of these fun pregnancy surprises.


Because I get asked all the time about the things I use in pregnancy, I decided to put together my pregnancy survival kit!

My Pregnancy Survival Kit

 You can dive in and watch my video podcast from today (and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss an episode). Or scroll down to read all about my pregnancy survival kit. 

1) My Prenatal Vitamin

I have done hours of research on what you need in a prenatal vitamin and what the different forms of the vitamins your body can actually absorb. You would be surprised at how many fake and synthetic vitamins are tucked into these things and your body can’t even absorb the vitamins. 

After all my research, this is my favorite prenatal vitamin that’s also affordable. I use the Rainbow light organic prenatal multivitamin. You take four pills a day. So I take two in the morning and two at night. It contains a special fruit and veggie blend in addition to the vitamins as well as liver support and digestive support.

I usually search on both Amazon and Vitacost before ordering because it tends to flip-flop who has the best price. (Related: Find out where I buy all my natural vitamins and things including Vitacost here.)


2) Topical Magnesium Spray

I get pretty bad morning sickness in my pregnancies and knew that this time, I wanted to try everything I could to help it. I’ve heard in the past that magnesium can help with morning sickness and I found this magnesium spray on Amazon.

It didn’t completely take away the morning sickness but it did seem to help it a lot! I used it every single day in first trimester, plus magnesium is really good for you. If you get a lot of morning sickness then I suggest you give it a try.

3) Belly Balm from Honest Co

After TWO twin pregnancies and now my single pregnancy, I’ve got a ton of old stretch marks and good chance at more coming along any day.

So I use this belly balm from The Honest Company every day to rub on my belly. It’s good for before, during, and after pregnancy. I’ve also noticed that it helps a lot with itching you can get with stretch marks. I order this directly from Honest co because every few months I order one of their bundles which makes the belly balm only $7-8. 


(HINT: You can get $10 OFF your first bundle order from Honest Co. when you sign up through my referral link.)

You can find it now at Target, on Vitacost, and on Amazon although it’s more expensive than ordering it in a bundle from Honest Co. itself.

4) Tummy Tamer Tea

I found this brand of tea called Mama Essence on Amazon. They have a tea blend called Tummy Tamer. It’s an organic herbal tea for pregnant mamas thats supposed to help with morning sickness. I drank this a ton in first trimester and it really helped to settle my stomach. Plus I loved drinking it so we keep it on hand now for anyone who needs a little tummy settling.


5) Slumber Tea

I also got this Slumber tea from Amazon that’s the same brand. It’s marketed to pregnant women but it’s basically just a chamomile type tea. It’s got a great flavor and I already have trouble falling sleep, and its always worse when I’m pregnant. So this has been nice for bed time and it’s got a good flavor.

6) Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew Tea

Red raspberry is tea is fantastic for you throughout pregnancy. Some doctors recommend not drinking it during first trimester so I typically don’t until second and third trimester but I know others who drink it throughout all three trimesters, so do your own research on that.

Red raspberry tea helps to strengthen your uterus. It can help strengthen it so that your contractions in labor are stronger and work more efficiently and it can also help your uterus and recovery after you have the baby.


You can find red raspberry tea just about anywhere but my pers onal favorite is the bulk herb store version because it’s a blend of several really helpful herbs. It has red raspberry tea in it as well as alfalfa, nettle leaf, and peppermint leaf which are all important and healthy during pregnancy.

Mama’s Essence (the brand of the two teas above) also has a Red Raspberry tea of their own

During 2nd and 3rd trimester, I try to drink at least one cup every day. I will note that red raspberry tea is not my favorite. In fact, I pretty much hated it at first. But I knew the health benefits so I made myself drink it everyday. It’s still not my favorite tea but it has grown on me a lot.

7) Lindsay Brin’s Pregnancy Workout DVD’s

I love Lindsay Brin’s pregnancy workout DVD’s and have been using them since my first pregnancy. Within the pack, you get three DVD’s. One for each trimester that gives you workouts that are safe and beneficial for that trimester.


I love that she gives you specific exercises and workout routines that are safe for each trimester and she targets the muscles you will need to help in labor and for recovery. I highly recommend these DVDs, especially if you don’t have a big workout routine that you already do. If you need to start working in more exercise into your day, I highly recommend these.

8) Lindsay Brin’s Postnatal Slimdown

After going through her workout DVDs for pregnancy, I ordered her postnatal slimdown after my second set of twins. In the dDVD she gives you a workout routine to follow that varies throughout the week and gets more intense the better in shape you get after baby.

I LOVE this dvd because she really helps target and strengthen those muscles and areas that get weak during pregnancy. I’m hoping this postnatal slimdown will help me bounce back quicker after this third pregnancy. These two pregnancies for me have been really close together so I’m excited to get some muscle and strength back after this pregnancy for chasing around my 5 littles!

So these are my 8 favorite pregnancy things that have helped so much in this third pregnancy. Comment below and let us know what YOUR favorite pregnancy must haves are!