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Building a Solid Morning Routine – Episode 9

on July 11, 2021 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

I have become very passionate about establishing a solid morning routine in my day because it makes such a huge difference in the work I can get done in a day but also attitudes! Tune into this episode to hear about my morning routine and how I use it to really set the tone for my day. Listen in:

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We’ve been talking a lot about priorities and a solid morning routine helps to make sure your 1-2 top priorities for each day happens.

A good morning routine to me:

  1. Start off with: Bible reading & prayer
  2. Then: Get Ready
  3. This helps with: Making sure my own attitude is prepared for the day
  4. Make sure to: Review dinner
  5. Also: Review days plans
  6. This all: Kicks off our work and school day well

In the next episode we are going to dive into a solid evening routine and how this is actually the key to a good morning routine and that is when things really start clicking!

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