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Marriage & Parenting

Do you need a little help or inspiration in your marriage or in your mothering? Being married AND being a mother both present their own unique challenges and struggles. So whether you need a little marriage advice or some mothering encouragement, follow along below!

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How to travel with young kids (tips & lessons learned) – Hf #90

This summer has been one of travel for our family of 7. We’ve gone on three long trips this summer with our five kids, four and under. It’s been mostly fun with a little crazy thrown in.  Throughout our trips, we’ve received question after question about how we manage it, what it’s like traveling with… Read More

Working Around the House with Little Ones – Hf #88

With five kids, four and under there is one question I get asked over and over again: How do you work around the house with little ones underfoot? I am very familiar with this struggle! With so many littles, my house is in constant chaos. I love it most of the time, but it is a struggle sometimes to… Read More

When no one appreciates what you do – Hf #77

Mother’s Day was a few days ago. Maybe you got a small bouquet of flowers. Maybe you got a hand written card. Maybe you got a half-hearted “Happy Mother’s Day” from your teen. Maybe your husband did the dishes for you.  Maybe. And maybe you are now feeling a little disappointed. Maybe you are feeling hurt… Read More

Cultivating Friendship in Marriage – Hf #65

Marriage has been a hop topic around the blog lately. We’ve been discussing how you can encourage your husband to lead with love and I even brought Jason on the podcast to share his advice on leading your family from an easy going husband.  This week I am so excited to brining on the expertise… Read More

Encouraging Your Husband to Lead With Love – Hf #59

This is a tough topic to talk about. Some of us are lost when it comes to encouraging our husbands to lead. Many of us bristle at the thought of “submission” and letting him lead.  I know I have good intentions when it comes to wanting Jason to lead. But when push comes to shove,… Read More

14 Days of Praying for Your Marriage & Husband

Romance, marriage, and love are the topics of discussion this month.  Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day present, sending flowers, expecting chocolates…it’s the month of “love”.  And while those things can be fun, they don’t truly get to the heart of marriage. And in fact, if your marriage is hurting right now, chocolate covered strawberries are… Read More