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Marriage & Parenting

Do you need a little help or inspiration in your marriage or in your mothering? Being married AND being a mother both present their own unique challenges and struggles. So whether you need a little marriage advice or some mothering encouragement, follow along below!

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Cheering for your husband (for a closer marriage) – Hf #112

One big thing in my marriage that I’ve been wanting to be better at, is being my husband’s cheerleader! Coming alongside him, encouraging him, cheering him on, and being a godly wife who will help him focus on God more in his days.  I hadn’t ever thought of my self as Jason’s cheerleader until I… Read More

TTM #25: Praying for Your Husband

This is the perfect time to start talking about this topic. The month of February for me is all about my spiritual disciplines, especially Bible reading and prayer. In the last episode of TTM (TTM #24), I talked about how to keep better track of your prayer requests.  And Valentine’s Day is right around the… Read More

Our technology plan for 2018 – Hf #108

Technology hasn’t yet been the biggest concern for our family since our kids have been so young. We don’t (yet) have teenagers wanting to play video games at all hours of the day, we don’t have devices for the kids that we need to monitor, and they never watch or access anything we don’t know… Read More

TTM #20: Media Choices for Young Kids (walking the tight rope)

With so much technology and so many media choices at our fingertips today, its harder than ever to know what we should allow in our homes or not. If you have young kids that you want to protect, the challenge gets even harder!  So where do we begin when it comes to determining good media… Read More

TTM #14: Teaching Children to Tidy up With Hilary Bernstein

Hilary is back with us to share all about teaching children to tidy up.  This is such an important thing to take our time on each day…but it’s honestly really challenging sometimes to actually make happen! So listen in and Hilary will give you some encouragement 🙂  Listen to the Podcast: We also recorded this… Read More

TTM #13: On Church and little kids…it’s not easy!

In an email I sent out earlier this week I shared that we had a tough Sunday morning with our 4 boys. Well I think I struck a cord with many of you because my inbox was then flooded with responses.  So today we are going to do a little chatting on Church and littl… Read More

Occupying Busy Toddlers with Amy Roberts – TTM #11

I’ve got a special guest back with me on the podcast today! Amy Roberts joined us back in episode #2 with some great laundry tips from a mom of 9! And today she is with us to give some encouragement on busy toddlers…you know the ones! 😉  Listen to the Podcast: We also recorded this… Read More

Ideas for quality time with your kids – TTM #5

Today’s question is one that I need to hear the advice on. In our fast-paced, busy culture, how do we make our kids a priority by actually spending quality time with them? I’m with my kids all day long, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m spending quality time with them.  Listen to the Podcast: We… Read More