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What is the goal of your kitchen? S2, E7

on October 30, 2022 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

We are kicking off a new section in our series here in season 2 of The Productive Household. We are turning to different areas of our home. And the first we will be diving into is really thinking thoroughly about our kitchen. This new mini series will be a little bit theoretical big picture and a little bit every day practical! Let’s dive in!

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Have you ever thought through the goal of your kitchen? What is it you want in your kitchen? What do you want your kitchen to produce? And are those goals aligned with the stage and season of life you are in?

With rising food prices, rising gas prices, and everything else rising, it’s a very important time to think through: what the goal of your kitchen is?

My goal:

As much as I am able, with the food budget I currently have and the time I have, to eat an unprocessed traditional diet. My goal is to continually increase the quality of our food we make from scratch and move more and more of that food production to our own household. Within the next year, we want to be totally independent of grocery stores and be sourcing additional foods that we need on a monthly and weekly basis from local farms (i.e. soap from my friend who makes soap, raw milk from the farm, and eggs from another friend who keeps chickens).

What this goal looked like at the very beginning: I started reading food labels. And I started just trying to cut out processed foods where I could. So back at the beginning, it just meant usually choosing a slightly healthier option at the grocery store. Looking for things that didn’t have addd sugar, bad oils, or white flour. And slowly, that evolved into learning what ingredients are healthy and what aren’t. It meant learning how to take real ingredients and learn to cook with them. It meant being able to read recipes that called for white sugar and vegetable oil and knowing that I could substitute extra virgin olive oil and raw honey instead.

And slowly, it’s meant a total transformation of my kitchen. What I want you to think through this week is: What are your goal(s) in your kitchen? 

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