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Biblical Resources

Taking care of our bodies and our health (and those of our family members) is extremely important for leading a life that has enough energy to care for our families and serve the Lord! Head below to find healthy recipes, how to ideas for using essential oils, how to stock a natural medicine cabinet and more.

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14 Days of Praying for Your Marriage & Husband

Romance, marriage, and love are the topics of discussion this month.  Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day present, sending flowers, expecting chocolates…it’s the month of “love”.  And while those things can be fun, they don’t truly get to the heart of marriage. And in fact, if your marriage is hurting right now, chocolate covered strawberries are… Read More

Getting on Track with Your Daily Disciplines

Setting daily and consistent routines and habits is one of the most important skills that a homemaker can cultivate. When I am intentional about those daily disciplines, my home goes from survival mode to thriving!  But then why is it so often difficult to develop these daily routines?  Over the last several years, I’ve shared… Read More

Making the Most out of Your Reading Goals This Year

Last week I shared my 2017 Christian Reading Challenge for Women and the response has been INSANE! I am blown away and so excited for everyone who will be following along with us during 2017. You ladies are setting some incredible goals for this year and I am so excited to be able to follow… Read More

2017 Christian Reading Challenge For Men – Hf #53

I’m so excited to have Jason taking over my blog today. I shared my own 2017 Christian Reading Challenge for Women yesterday and I just knew that we needed to put out a men’s companion challenge. If you’re a man, feel free to follow along with this challenge by yourself OR wrangle your wife into… Read More

2017 Christian Reading Challenge For Christian Women – HF #52

UPDATE: You can now find all the details for the MEN’S companion reading challenge here. Wrangle your husband into doing the challenge with you or send to a man in your life who might want to dig into some amazing Gospel-Centered books.  Reading is one of the best ways that I invest in myself, in… Read More

Christian Homemaker’s Gift Guide 2016

It can be really tough to find gift suggestions and ideas that are 1) affordable, 2) thoughtful and 3) deep. I’ve read far too many gift guides that contain very generic ideas or a few links to Amazon that end up not being very helpful.  So in putting together my gift guide this year, I… Read More

Make Him Room: Writing the Names of Jesus

By Victoria Osborn, Contributing Writer Perhaps one of the greatest disciplines that have really transformed my faith over recent years is the simple discipline of writing the Word. It started simply as a way to help my exhausted new Mama brain focus on reading the Bible. My soul was willing but my flesh was weak. Sitting… Read More

Join me for a Facebook party? (And How I’m Growing in My Homemaking)

My next Facebook party is scheduled for Sunday night (woohoo!) These parties are always a blast filled with fun fellowship, free resources, and hundreds of dollars in homemaking giveaways. Read on down below for how to participate in the Facebook party… Before I jump into the Facebook party details, I want to remind you that you… Read More