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Taking the First Step in Gaining Control of Your Home

on June 19, 2014 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

The book that has had some of the most profound influence in my life as a homemaker is Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. And for the next 9 weeks we will be walking through an online study of this book together so you can finally feel like you can gain control of your home! Read more about the schedule for this study here.

Do you struggle with having so many things you want to do each day but lacking the motivation to get them done? Yup me too!

First, I have to apologize. This study was supposed to kick off on Tuesday, but I’ve had teething twins with molars coming in and I just couldn’t get to it. But since this week is the intro, I’m cramming it all into today and for the next 9 weeks you can look forward to our weekly discussions and challenges every Tuesday and Thursday!

Getting Started

While it’s not required that you have the book to go through this study, I highly recommend you get a copy of  Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. It’s wonderful and fantastic and totally worth it even though I don’t normally spend almost $18.00 on a single book. It’s well worth it in my opinion.

You can also download a FREE 40 page printable pack that goes along with the book and has printable pages for all the challenges. Through out the book we will be tackling challenges such as making a priority list for your life, sorting through your to-dos, and creating routines and habits. Having these printable sheets is a great way to stay organized and  get the most out of this book. I will be using these printable sheets as examples throughout the study – so download yours for FREE!


Calling the super busy, the stressed out, the overtired

Are you ready to start taking the first steps in gaining control of your home? I know that for me, being a Mom of two 18 month old active boys, trying to run a blog, and managing my home can feel so overwhelming sometimes. I feel like I’m drowning in everything I have to do and then nothing get’s done well. I go through my days, only half heartily doing that day’s task.

I finally decided that I wanted to change this. And so for the last 6 months I’ve been working on getting control back over my home. But it’s hard and takes a lot of work. The problem was, without clear goals and priorities for our family, I was having a hard time gaining traction. We kept piling new things on my work load and I always felt like I was playing catch up.

While I still do have days like that, now that I’ve created personal and family priority lists and worked out daily routines, I finally feel like I’m gaining that control BACK into my life. I’m able to easily say NO to certain activities and responsibilities without feeling guilt because I know they don’t fit in with our family mission statement – at least for this season we are in.

“Take a few minutes, and think about your life. Do you feel burned out? Stressed to the max? Stuck?

Do you struggle with having so many things you want to do each day but lacking the motivation to get them done?

Are you having a tough time creating and adapting a routine that works for you and your family.

Do you put unrealistic expectations on yourself to have to do it all – and feel you’re failing miserably?

Do you find it challenging to  figure out where your priorities lie?” – Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, xi introduction

Ouch! I don’t know about you – but I said yes to every single one of these. Growing up, I never imagined how hard it would be to run a household. How many hours it would take, how mentally exhausting it would be. So will you join me in taking the first step towards gaining control of your home?

Challenge for This Week:

Pick up this book and read the introduction if you haven’t already. Then I challenge you to pray and think about what you are struggling with in your homemaking right now. Be honest with yourself and take an inventory of your time over the next few days. How effective are you really being – or do you stumble through your days without being truly effective?

Think about what you would like to change and get ready to start jumping into weekly challenges that will allow you to really think through your priorities for your family. By creating priorities, you can move into the future confident and easily face new decisions knowing how to respond. 

Join me back here on Tuesday for learning how to start saying NO when it comes to new responsibilities – and how to know what to say NO too!

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