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Biblical Resources

Taking care of our bodies and our health (and those of our family members) is extremely important for leading a life that has enough energy to care for our families and serve the Lord! Head below to find healthy recipes, how to ideas for using essential oils, how to stock a natural medicine cabinet and more.

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On Literature and Reading Fiction/Fantasy – Hf #134

This is our second year running our Christian reading challenge for women and our Christian reading challenge for men. And with it, we often get the question about reading fantasy, media choices, and how to approach this as Christians. That’s what we are chatting about today!  Listen to the Podcast: We also recorded this blog… Read More

Your Bible study questions answered! – Hf #116

Learning how to dive deeper into God’s Word doesn’t happen by accident. It takes work, discipline, and a willingness to invest that time in the Lord.  Last week on the podcast, we covered going deeper with Bible study when you have no time. Today we are going to be continuing that conversation with a Q&A… Read More

TTM #24: Keeping track of prayer requests

How many times have you said, “I’ll be praying for you“? But then you carry on with your busy day and never think to pray for them again?  I know this happens all too often for me! So I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort remember these prayer requests more and actually follow up with… Read More

My Spiritual Disciplines Notebook FAQ’s

On Monday, I released one of my favorite things of ALL TIME! I got the idea about two years ago to create a Spiritual Disciplines Notebook and it finally all came together in the last few months.  You can read all about the notebooks here, what they contain, and why they are so AWESOME! ?… Read More

Getting back on track with my Spiritual Disciplines – Hf #110

Life has been hectic lately. We are getting back into normal routines and homeschooling after an extended Christmas break. I’ve been battling thyroid issues and fatigue (not fun!). And We had 5 family birthdays in 30 days with Christmas and New Years mixed in (Jason’s 30th birthday, Malachi and Micah’s 5th birthday, my birthday, and Magnolia’s… Read More

Introducing my brand new Spiritual Disciplines Notebooks!

A few years ago, I stumbled upon this idea of Traveler’s Notebooks and it has changed the way I plan in my home and my business.  When I discovered this method of planning, I just knew I had to apply this to my Spiritual Disciplines (things like prayer, Bible reading, Scripture memorization, and more).  So I… Read More

Our Christmas Decorations Day Tradition!

Christmas is my very favorite time of year. It’s the time that we get to celebrate Christ and freely share the Gospel when people are more receptive to hear it. Plus the lights, the decorations, the food and it’s so fun! Jason and I love to saver this season since it goes by so quickly…. Read More

Our first Christmas sale!! (Hurry – the store closes December 11th)!

Throughout the last few years, Jason and I have intentionally been building our online stores. Yes – we have two of them! We have a digital store with all our digital goodies and a growing online physical store with t-shirts, scripture memory cards, and more.  It’s been amazing to be able to offer these resources… Read More